Gay Marriage - Entre-Nous Network Offers Up Strong Support

From: Entre-Nous Network
Published: Fri Jul 31 2009

If you have followed any society news from across North America lately you definitely stumbled onto the always entertaining fiasco surrounding the legalization of gay marriage. Entre-Nous has stepped forward throwing its full support behind the rights of same sex couples to be married, legally.

Gay marriage has been the topic of fierce debate, protests and even violence all across North America for the past 10 ten year. "In Ontario, Canada we consider ourselves lucky", says Entre-Nous Network ( spokesperson, Paul Sinclair. When pressed further about what part Entre-Nous is planning on playing in pushing for gay marriage elsewhere we were told, "Entre-Nous supports gay rights and in particular gay marriage throughout the entire world. We already have offices in Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto and soon we will be spreading across the USA. We will continue to support all causes that we believe worthy and gay rights is at the top of that list."

Entre-Nous Network is Canada's only professional matchmaking service catering exclusively to same-sex couples therefore they understand the unique challenges associated with gay dating.

Recently these wise words were issued by Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court in the decision overturning Colorado's Amendment 2 referendum : "We cannot accept the view that Amendment 2's prohibition on specific legal protections does no more than deprive homosexuals of special rights. To the contrary, the amendment imposes a special disability on those persons alone. Homosexuals are forbidden the safeguards that others enjoy or may seek without constraint"

It seems that it is just a matter of time until gay marriage is widely accepted throughout North America and kudos for Canada being so progressive in gay rights. It seems our neighbors across the border have a lot to learn from us.

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