A Quinta Da Auga : the opening of the first eco-luxury boutique hotel in santiago de compostela

From: Hotel A Quinta da Auga
Published: Fri Jul 31 2009

Six years ago, the Lorenzo García family fell in love with an 18th-century paper factory and decided to restore it following the principles of environmental sustainability. They aimed to create a unique place in which guests could stay surrounded by greenery, but with all the luxuries that a hedonist traveller tries to find in a four-star hotel: high gastronomy, impeccable service and high-quality spa treatments. The first eco-luxurious boutique hotel in Santiago de Compostela has finally opened.

A natural and charming setting

This more-than-1 hectare private property is situated in a peaceful residential area near Santiago de Compostela. The river Sar surrounds the hotel in its winding course producing a relaxing sound of water that can be heard in every single room. The thick forest welcomes visitors in a friendly environment and ensures quietness in each of the 45 unique bedrooms tastefully decorated with works of art and antiques and with an exquisite French touch, which dignifies this unique and special Galician country-house. Its salón da Fonte, with its large windows leading directly to the hotel entrance court-yard is ideal for celebrating weddings, holding fashion shows and large-group meetings.

Visitors can perform a wide range of interesting activities to enjoy the exceptional Galician landscape such as cycling, sailing along the coastline, attending concerts, cooking lessons, exhibitions, gastronomic routes and visiting “pazos”, Galician manor houses, and vineyards.

Filigrana Restaurant: exquisite Galician cuisine

The attractive and authentic menu invites guests to know a high-quality exquisite Galician cuisine with a personal style only found in outstanding chefs’ recipes. Thus, Some interesting choices such as: Turnip tops au gratin “San Simon“ (special Galician cheese) with a Galician potato base* ,Casserole of octopus from our coasts and clams from Carril, Creamy rice with home-bred pork, comfit suckling veal Osso buco with roasted golden brown potatoes, baked stuffed pineapple for dessert. These are just some of the recipes out of the various culinary secrets that the Filigrana restaurant offers to its guests, combined with an impeccable service, or the mis en place meat, the fish selection and the ample variety of confectionary and wines.

A very complete and luxurious spa

This exclusive spa in Santiago de Compostela which will provide treatments aimed to stimulate the senses with essential oils and natural and exclusive products like Aromatherapy and Sundary is about to open. The indoor heated pools endowed with natural roof-light windows supplies sunlight creating a warm environment that gives the rooms a relaxing Asian ambiance. The spa facilities include:

- Hydrotherapy area

- Private spa for a maximum of 6 people

- Treatment area

The best kept secret of Santiago de Compostela

Today, in Santiago de Compostela, there is a hotel that can be considered a touristic destination in itself, for its serenity, its refined style, its swimming pools, its home-made breakfast and its hospitality. The first eco luxury hotel in Santiago de Compostela has finally opened  for the most expert travellers, those who try to enjoy the charm in all their trips.


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