Readers Discover "Erotica with Soul" is Good for You

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Published: Mon May 16 2005

MILWAUKEE, WI – The erotic romance market has boomed in recent years, but author Diana Laurence believed these books about desire left a lot to be desired.

"My philosophy is that erotica can be good for you, a sort of literary health food that brightens the spirit, inspires creativity, and helps balance the psyche," Ms. Laurence said. A devotee of Thomas Moore, the Jungian ex-monk who authored The Soul of Sex, Laurence developed a writing style that was graphically sensual, but tasteful and literary. Her dream was to sell a collection of her own "erotica with soul," and she set out to find a publisher.

Within a few months, Laurence’s dream came true. In March 2004 Florida-based publisher New Age Dimensions released her first erotic collection, Soulful Sex: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Romance, in electronic book format. By August, it was outselling e-books by such authors as Nora Roberts and Laurell K. Hamilton on, the world’s largest e-book seller. It has been in the Top 10 e-book romances ever since.

"It seems my hunch was right," said Laurence. "There are plenty of romance readers who like their books explicit and sensual, but are repelled by the raw language and hardcore plots of most erotic romance releases." The book likewise impressed reviewers, and it was a finalist in the 2005 Eppie Awards, the highest award given for e-books of all genres.

Laurence penned a second collection, Soulful Sex Volume II, which was released in electronic format in March 2005. And in April, New Age Dimensions responded to the book’s popularity by publishing the two books—12 stories total—in one paperback volume, Soulful Sex Volumes I & II.

According to Shelley Steig of Fallen Angel Reviews, Laurence’s approach to the genre accounts for her rapid success. "While the sex is described in detail, there is absolutely nothing obscene or offensive," Steig said. "It’s wonderful to find a writer who realizes that sex and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. Combining the two can be incredible."

A fan of Laurence, Constance Pappalardo, expressed similar sentiments: "The reader is not embarrassed by the sex as much as inspired by it. The intent of the writer is subliminal yet prominent. This is not sex for its own sake, but sex as the highest form of art and expression."

"The ‘soul’ in my writing can be traced to my appreciation of a broad and spiritual understanding of the place of erotica in life," Laurence said. "What I learned from Thomas Moore is that reading erotica is recreation, but in the literal sense of the word: not just empty fun but an exercise in refreshing the soul. Because the union of sexuality and the imagination creates such powerful alchemy, it can bring us insight into who we are, what we want from life, and how to live more fully and more peacefully with ourselves."

In addition to being erotic, Laurence’s work is known as entertaining fiction. "[Diana Laurence] has a unique voice and gives great detail...truly a gifted wordsmith," writes Cyndi Witkus for In the Library Reviews. Laurence’s editor at New Age Dimensions, romance author Mimi Riser, calls her style "literary, and I mean that in a good way!" Writes Jenni Gildenstern of A Romance Review, "Her characters feel real and her storytelling pulls you into the moments of the tales. She mixes hot sex with the soul touching perfection of love."

Laurence believes erotica with soul comes in a full range of styles and genres. Some of her stories are contemporary, like "Between Earth and Sky," the tale of a woman lost in the Appalachians who falls for her rescuer. Some incorporate paranormal elements, like vampires, telepathy, and magic. She has written a science fiction story, and a fairy tale entitled "The Dark Prince." "My favorite genre is fantasy, and this is exemplified by the ‘Vernal Night’ trilogy of stories," Laurence said. "These tales explore a fictional medieval culture in a style reminiscent of the light, bawdy eloquence of Shakespeare’s comedies."

"All I wanted to do was show how erotica can enrich your life, and that it can leave the reader uplifted and warmhearted," said Laurence. "What makes me happiest about my success is that I’m getting a chance to provide that experience to my readers."

Laurence’s books are available from New Age Dimensions and online bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Fictionwise, Powell’s Books and Target. Additional information is available at
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