A Lesbian Tale of Love and Betrayal...From Harlem to Miami and Back Again

From: Dodi Press
Published: Mon May 16 2005

From the moment Sadira spots Jessie on the subway, she's hopelessly in love. But a relationship with Jessie is not easy. Alternately encouraging and rejecting, Jessie spurns real commitment, yet convinces Sadira to pull up stakes and move with her to Miami (a city that has traumatic associations for Sadira). A serious accident turns Jessie into Sadira's caretaker--but still, she has a roving eye, regardless of the consequences. And Sadira's not so innocent herself.

"Intimate Chaos", Cheril N. Clarke's third novel, will be published in July by Dodi Press.
"Clarke has done a remarkable job of sharing the story of love, that deep down feeling which causes its host to do anything, say anything, and put up with anything for the possibility of having that love returned to them...Anyone who has ever loved someone, lost them, or been the recipient of unconditional love will be able to relate to this story."
--Tee C. Royal, The Rawsistaz Reviewers

A native of Toronto raised in Miami who lives near New York City, Clarke is the author of two previous novels, "Foundations: A Novel of New Beginnings" and "Different Trees From the Same Root." She has also published poems and short stories in various literary magazines. She was a keynote speaker at an African Asian Latin Lesbians United conference and has performed at events organized by African American Lesbians United for Societal Change. In her spare time, she volunteers to New York Cares literacy and meal projects and the All Stars Talent Network.

"Finally! An honest, raw, emotional work that speaks to the heart of
women everywhere! The story of Sadira & Jessie is full of
complications, twists and turns and reflects the many complexities that
make life and relationships exciting and heart-wrenching all at
-- Lynne M. Womble, SABLE Magazine

Journalists: to interview Clarke and/or request a review copy, please contact the author at 212-726-1582,

Title: Intimate Chaos
Author: Cheril N. Clarke
ISBN: 0-9767273-0-7
Price: $16.95
Pub Date: July 2005
Websites: www.cherilnclarke.com


Contact: 212-726-1582,
For Release: On Receipt
Company: Dodi Press
Contact Name: Cheril N. Clarke
Contact Email: cherilnc@cherilnclarke.com
Contact Phone: 212--726-1582

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