Signs Plus Helps Companies Increase Visibility to Help Capture Market Share During the Recession

From: Signs Plus
Published: Tue Aug 11 2009

As the recession continues, companies are looking for ways to keep their heads above water. Unfortunately, many advertising outlets are incredibly expensive. At the same time, experts suggest keeping a high profile and even increasing visibility in order to weather the storm. One of the most effective ways to improve presence without a significant advertising budget is by purchasing an LED sign.

The U.S. Small Business Administration commissioned a study on the effect of LED signs and found that they can increase business anywhere from 15% to 150%. There are many reasons why LED signs perform so well. A sign that is outside a store is more immediate than any other advertising form. A potential customer can see an ad and immediately stop at a store to make a purchase. That is a powerful form of advertising.

Additionally, on average, LED Signs cost 10% of traditional advertising campaigns. And they can be immediately updated to reflect specials or sales. This type of control for the price is unbeatable in the industry.

"We have seen many stores and restaurants enjoy sizable increases in business after they installed one of our LED signs," said Rob Klinger, president of Signs Plus. "Stores can update a sign for a sale item and will almost immediately see a spike in purchases of those items. Because about 85% of customers live within five miles of a store, you can directly target your key customers while they are out and about, running errands or commuting to work. No other medium allows you to segment and reach an audience so successfully."

LED signs come with features that make them the perfect investment for any business with a brick and mortar location. The most important feature is that businesses own and control the media on an LED sign. There is no waiting for the next issue of a publication to come out to change a message. The marketing message can be updated often and in only a few minutes. Additionally, because of the motion capabilities of a digital LED sign, potential customers’ eyes will be drawn to the sign. In this aspect, LED signs consistently outperform stagnant billboards and traditional signs.

So during the recession, business owners shouldn’t stick their heads in the sand hoping that they will make it through the downturn. They should take an active role in the marketing of their businesses. And investing in an LED sign is not only effective, but it is affordable also. Companies such as Signs Plus offer lease programs and can work within any budget. For more information, visit

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Signs Plus prides itself on being much more than a sign company. Signs Plus began in 1988 with the goal to return the concept of value to America's not-for-profit organizations. The company has not wavered in its attempt to provide the finest indoor and outdoor signs at the best possible price. Signs Plus is a family owned and operated organization and is extremely active in community outreach. For more information, please visit or call 800-848-4262.

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