Inttranews upgrades and expands its unique wire service for the language industry

From: HTT sa
Published: Mon May 16 2005

HTT, a leading company in the European translation market, has upgraded and expanded its unique “Inttranews� wire service for the language industry (, with breaking-news articles and special reports on every issue of interest or concern to linguists.

Registration for the basic service is free of charge: registered users receive the titles for the news articles published each day by e-mail, 5 days a week, with an HTML link to each source article on the site. Users can see at a glance those articles of interest or concern.

Premium Service: subscribers receive all the news articles published each day by e-mail, 5 days a week, each with a direct HTML link to the article on the source site. Articles are automatically classified by category, and subscribers can parameter their profile to receive only the category/categories of articles they are specifically interested in.
The subscription fee is a standard €24 a year.

Group Subscriptions are available for staff in language companies, associations, institutions and university departments.
Discounts up to 30% off the standard subscription fee are available.

Add highly relevant content to your website or portal
The Inttranews i-Frame (equivalent to RSS but with graphics as well) enables any authorised third-party website to integrate the latest Inttranews articles in their site free of charge, with automatic updates daily as new articles are published.
Webmasters can parameter the Inttranews i-frame service so that the categories of articles displayed reflect their users’ specific interests.
The Inttranews i-Frame is a free, automated means of dynamizing websites and portals and attracting users and prospects alike, by providing an extremely relevant source of breaking news for linguists.

The value of Inttranews
Because of its economic and cultural importance, the language market is one of the most dynamic of all, with publications every day in every field and in every country around the world.
For linguists, faced with such vast amounts of data and documents, the major issue is knowing what articles are of interest, how to find them and sort the relevant information quickly.
Inttranews is based on a unique combination of information and communication technology and human editorial staff, so that users can instantly see all the relevant news articles affecting the global language industry from day to day, and automatically link to those articles of specific interest.

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HTT is an ISO 9001 (v2000)-certified translation company specialised in high technology located in Rouen, France. Founded in 1987, its customer base comprises international institutions and multinational companies, particularly in aeronautics, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and petrochemicals.
HTT has developed several unique products for the language industry, including the multilingual InttranetÃ" portal ( with a complete range of services for professional interpreters and translators, and TerminallÃ", an ISO 12616-compliant multilingual terminology database, capable of storing, managing and displaying any language combination of search and target terms.
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