The ‘Alternative’ Queen’s Speech - A Speech that Her Majesty might actually enjoy making for a chang

From: The New Party
Published: Mon May 16 2005

The Queen’s Speech will tomorrow set the tone for the forthcoming parliamentary session. However in keeping with the best New Labour traditions the content of the speech will hold few surprises. Judging from bills already in the pipeline such as ID cards, a new serious crime squad and a crackdown on anti-social behaviour we are to be first of all frightened. We will then be dictated to on how to run our lives by the introduction of new social legislation and the birth of the "Commission for Equality and Human Rights." After we have been suitably chastened we will then be subjected to a raft of "holier than thou" bills such as corporate manslaughter which ignores the fact that it is the public sector which kills the most people (e.g., NHS, armed forces, sub-standard roads etc).

New Party spokesman Dr Nigel Knight comments:

"Judging by the absence of meaningful debate during the election process, Her Majesty will probably not be the only one disappointed with the content of her speech. People have become weary of hypocrisy and until such times as the real issues are properly debated voter turnout will continue to plummet."

In an effort to raise the political debate, the New Party has published an alternative set of proposals which are very much more relevant to the present state of our country. The proposed bills are a mix of large scale and pragmatic reforms including:

A Constitution Bill to assert the sovereignty of the UK parliament and courts, and other measures to reform our parliamentary system
A Repeals Bill to remove damaging legislation from the statute book
A Pensions Bill to introduce individual pension funds and start planning for the long-term future of pensions
A Finance Bill to introduce a flat tax on incomes and a simplified sales tax to replace VAT
A Road Safety Bill to make local authorities legally responsible for the condition of roads
Bills to manage agriculture and fisheries upon leaving the European Union
A Planning Bill to allow more house-building on Greenfield sites if sustainable jobs are incorporated into the plans
A Bill to enable individuals to choose private rather than state provision in health, education and welfare
A Bill to help individuals resolve problem debts and make the financial services sector more responsible in its lending practices
We intend to circulate our full proposals to individual MPs to give them the opportunity of taking these much needed reforms forward by way of Private Member’s Bills or Ten-Minute Rule Bills.

The New Party has proposed a range of measures to improve the social and financial circumstances of individuals as well as the national economy. New Party spokespeople are available to discuss our proposals in greater detail.


The New Party

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