American Movie Insults Egypt

Finding that perfect name for your dog can be a nightmare. However, when an American movie maker ended up in the middle of a dog fight, when he decided to call a dog in the film, 'Anwar Sadat', after the late Egyptian president.

The dog was so named because it resembled the late Egyptian president, said one of the characters. Sadat was shot and killed by Islamic militants during a military parade in Cairo in 1981. Sadat was Egypt's political and military leader.

Sadat's daughter demands that all copies be seized, of the romantic comedy film 'I Love You Man', which she finds highly offensive. She says the film should be removed from all local theatres.

Rukiya Sadat is suing the actors, the producer of the film and the company which distributed the film in Egypt. "The film is insulting to the memory of my father. It undermines Egypt and its leading rule in the Middle East". She has also filed a complaint against the Egyptian Minister of Information, Anas el-Fiqqi, for permitting the film's release in Egypt.

Search engines on the Internet are hit more frequently for naming a dog, than any other subject. It is a really good idea to speak aloud a name to see if it fits. It is important also to make sure the name does not fall into the area of being insult to anyone else.

Here are a few suggestions, in case you have run out of ideas. How about Bruiser, or Mister Bubbles? If you really want to create confusion try naming your dog with a similar sounding name to one of your children. How about Spruce, if you have a son named Bruce?

There were of course well known dog movie stars such as Beethoven and Lassie, but how about calling your pet Brad, or Marilyn, Schwarzeneger, or was that Tinkerbell? You could of course try Nero, Genghis, or Hitler.

A recent guest at a hotel picked up a stray and called the black and white mutt Pompom. "No Pompom, No Pompom", was heard all day long. A dog inherited from a gardener was called Police, so the police were frequently called in that neighbourhood.

For a last piece of advice it is important you choose a name that will suit for the length of the dog's life as it is very difficult to change the name of a dog. Stay out of dog fights if you don't want to end up like the American film director and have an entire nation against you.

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