Kama Linden Releases debut CD "Uninhibited" on Nuendo Music Group

From: Nuendo Music Group
Published: Tue May 17 2005

Singer/songwriter Kama Linden (A/K/A Angrichik) celebrates the release of her debut album, "Uninhibited" on Nuendo Music Group. "Uninhibited" is fresh, intense and earthy allowing you to truly appreciate Kama’s whimsical, yet abrasively gutsy lyrics and musical style. On her debut, Kama delves into her life experiences and observations to deliver a well-rounded project filled with songs of independence, love and emotion. Kama proudly claims, "I made this album the way I wanted, an album that gives an in-depth look into my personality, and views of the people around me. Not overly polished and over-produced."

Just who is Kama Linden…you say? She is by no means a stranger to the music business. The gorgeous songstress has been writing and singing for the past 6 years performing live at venues all over New York City.

"I had the wonderful opportunity to work with an incredible producer on "Uninhibited.", She says, "Paul Snook came in and brought that great style that he has.

When asked about how music and performing has affected her life, Kama reflects, "I've learned how wonderful it feels to be able to touch so many lives and be able to touch people with music. It feels so great especially when it helps bring about positive emotions and change. That's a remarkable thing to me."

With her debut release "Uninhibited", witness the songwriting and emotion of the one called, Kama Linden.

Kama Linden's debut album releases May 17, 2005 on Nuendo Music Group and will be available at FYE and other major retailers, with digital downloads available on iTunes, Sony Connect, and eMusic. Kama will be kicking off her promotional tour with an in store performance at FYE at the Foothills Mall in Fort Collins, Colorado on May 22, 2005 and in New York at the FYE in the Staten Island Mall in Staten Island, New York on June 4, 2005.

For more information visit her artist page at www.nuendomusic.com or at her website at www.kamalinden.com

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