New SMS PASSCODEŽ 3.0 Simplify Enterprise Class Two-Factor Authentication for Mainstream Adoption

Published: Thu Aug 20 2009

SMS PASSCODE today announced the latest SMS PASSCODEŽ release 3.0 of its technology leading two-factor authentication solution via mobile phone SMS. The new release incorporates major new advancements within scalability and reliability for multi-site enterprise deployments, hosting and cloud computing in a simple to implement and manage package. It also includes new increased security for the widely adopted Microsoft Windows 2008 Remote Desktop Services (formerly known as Terminal Services) and Terminal Services Gateway solution and the Microsoft SharePoint and Intelligent Application Gateway solution.

From small businesses to the largest enterprises, corporations are challenged with protecting employees and clients remotely accessing their IT systems against the misfortunes of the modern internet threats. In addition, there is a rise in new enterprise computing modes such as cloud computing and dynamic hosting that makes easy support for complex IT deployments more important than ever. SMS PASSCODE protects these systems through a new generation of two-factor authentication via the mobile phone SMS that is more secure, yet easy to deploy. Essentially, when a user access a system, the user name and password is first validated after which SMS PASSCODE generate and send a one-time-passcode tied to the login session to the users phone via SMS and once that code is validated, the user gains access. This is a more secure process than legacy alternatives. This workflow can integrate to standard VPN, SSL VPN and other access systems from vendors like Citrix, Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint and the likes.

The new SMS PASSCODEŽ release 3.0 incorporates a set of new key components:
Easy increased security for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services), SharePoint and Citrix. The latest release 3.0 offers new configurations that increase the security when accessing Windows 2008 Terminal Services through the Terminal Services Gateway. Similarly, the SharePoint implementation offers a seamless integration with SMS PASSCODEŽ protection via the Microsoft Intelligent Application Gateway. "These new authentication client implementations vastly extend our ability to protect the industry’s most widely adopted terminal and portal technologies. Since we are much easier to implement and less costly to secure, this opens up for small and medium sized business to gain protection against today’s modern internet threats without the cost burden and hassle of legacy two-factor authentication token solutions" says David Hald, CEO, SMS PASSCODE. The client side support now also includes the latest Citrix Web Interface version 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 versions.

Easy load balancing for scale and reliability:
Version 3.0 introduces a new point-and-click load balancing policy based feature enabling users to easily set up specific rules based on a series of attributes (e.g. phone number country code, domain, SMS gateway group). This means that even small businesses easily can implement a new level of configurable reliability and that large enterprises or hosting providers can optimize cost and deployment flexibility when supporting multiple company entities.

Easy scalability for enterprises, software-as-a-service and hosting providers:
Version 3.0 enable larger enterprises or hosting providers to run multiple entities or customers on the same installation as it now support multiple user databases like Active Directory or custom systems to co-exist within the same SMS PASSCODE installation. The feature also support automatically importing users from both standard Active Directories as well as custom databases that need automated user record transformation services to match SMS PASSCODEs database format.

Intuitive new user interface:
With the added capabilities of version 3.0, SMS PASSCODEŽ also comes with a new administration user interface that enables the configuration and deployment of above features in a very intuitive and easy to navigate fashion.

Starting at a 5-user package:
SMS PASSCODE starts in a complete packaged 5-user offering that includes all necessary software and SMS transmitter hardware. The same solution has proven to be able to scale on-the-fly to support the largest enterprise deployments.

The new SMS PASSCODEŽ release 3.0 is generally available in Q3, 2009. Existing customers are eligible for a free upgrade if current with Software Assurance.

Live online trial:
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SMS PASSCODEŽ is the leading technology in two-factor authentication using your mobile phone. To protect against the rise in internet based identity theft hitting both consumers and corporate employees, SMS PASSCODEŽ offers a stronger authentication via the mobile phone SMS service compared to traditional alternatives. SMS PASSCODEŽ installs in minutes and is much easier to implement and administer with the added benefit that users find it an intuitively smart way to gain better protection. The solution offers out-of-the-box protection of the standard login systems such as Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper and other IPsec and SSL VPN systems as well as websites. Installed at thousands of sites, this is a proven patent pending technology. For more information visit:

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