The most interactive, practical guide on living and working in Crete, yet!

From: Cool Publications
Published: Tue May 17 2005

How do you go about finding accommodation in Crete? What do you have to do in order to get a telephone line installed? Where would a visitor find temporary work? How does the Greek Health System work? What would you do if you wanted to take your pet with you?

Pooling 18 years’ experience of living on the island of Crete, Carol Palioudakis’ exceptionally detailed The Cool Guide to Living in Crete offers the reader the complete solution to making their stay on the island –however long or short it may be- as painless and trouble-free as possible.

Demystifying Cretan culture, shedding light on ways to get round its bureaucracy and tackling everything from getting a car registered to making sure you’re not ripped-off when renting a flat (and everything in between) Carol’s guide becomes the one-stop survival manual no traveller to Crete should leave home without.

"It's hard to settle into a foreign country and learn the ropes," says Carol Palioudaki, "information is hard to come by, even harder when you have little grasp of the language, and the simplest task can become a nightmare. I have experienced this many times over the years and often wished I had somewhere or someone to turn to for information. Of course it is out there somewhere, but finding it is the hard part, and once you have found it, its all Greek! So with this in mind, I decided to write this book to help all of those thinking of living in Crete and Greece."

Produced in a highly interactive eBook format by Cheshire-based publisher, Cool Publications, the book’s 14 detailed chapters are further augmented by 13 Appendices, 67 in-text pop-ups and hundreds of weblinks and email addresses which become your instant guide to the information you need in order to get the job done.

With over 40 sound files that allow you to hear what Greek words sound like straight from the page and 34 high-resolution photographs The Cool Guide to Living in Crete more than lives up to its promise.
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