IntereXchange Carrier Announces Release of IXC Billing Center v.4.3.

From: IntereXchange Carrier
Published: Tue May 17 2005

IXC has enhanced the features of IXC Softswitch and following the VoIP market trends, as well as its customers’ requests, the company has released a new version of IXC Billing Center (v. 4.3.).

One of the main innovations of the release is SIP-Registrar functionality, which allows to register SIP-devices according to login – username. The functionality employs MD5 as encoding mechanism.

Along with this, the updated version of IXC Billing Center implements the following additional features:

1. H.323-SIP Transcoder – this module converts protocols SIP – H.323 without additional settings by using information on protocol, which is supported by terminator.
2. Codec conversion: Softswitch functionality was enhanced by codec conversion and buffering changing. The codecs supported – G.723, G.729A and G.711.
3. Connection charges. A new release of IXC Softswitch features such function as connection charge. The charge is described in price-lists and can vary depending on a destination.
4. From now on the customers can create time-dependent tariff rules with changes not on an ‘hour’ basis, but on an ‘hour-and-minutes’ basis.
5. In the new version a softswitch sends a disconnect cause code – ‘No circuit/channel available’ – of calls with routing errors, as well as capacity lack errors. This feature should help softswitch owners that determine the need for call re-routing based on conversation completion code.
6. Disconnect cause code classes have been added. Now disconnect cause codes of H.323 calls, which are sent from a terminator, can be substituted for another.
7. This release features A-number transformation feature. From now on VoIP providers can provide direct telephone numbers (DIDs) in extended mode. The system enables assigning several direct numbers to one client, rating them according to different prices and moreover, allowing a client not only to choose by himself which A-number to use, but also strictly fix certain A-number for calls to certain terminator. Thus, you can set for clients calling to Germany to choose German A-numbers and Ukrainian ones for calls within Ukraine.

Warning messages have also undergone some changes:
1. Now a client will receive via e-mail a warning, saying that a cards account will be closed due to end of its validity period;
2. In warning messages you can now indicate also a client’s name.

A new release will surprise not only VoIP operators, but also end users, since now IXC Softswitch can detect FAS-calls (Fake Calls detection). The system processes parameters of H.323 sessions with terminators and reacts only to short, initially problematic calls. The function can be set up for certain terminators.

The release is completed with a new interface.

To receive more detailed information about new version of IXC Billing Center please contact Irina Kuzmenko:

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