A Head for Business: Fontana, CA Man Auctions Advertising Space on the Back of His Head

From: National Championship Wrestling
Published: Mon Feb 21 2005

ALFRED, N.Y., FEBRUARY 19, 2005 – In today’s advertising-saturated culture, it takes a lot to get a consumer’s attention. Print advertisements and online banner ads usually go unread. Thanks to digital video recorders, television commercials can be skipped over completely. However, Jeremy Johnson realized that one thing people almost always look at is a person with a bald head.

This past week, Johnson made history by becoming the first person to ever auction off advertising space on the back of his head. The winning bidder would have their name, logo, or Web site advertised on his head for thirty days. However, the 25-year old Fontana, CA native stipulated from the outset that he would not advertise for immoral or illegal products. The winner of this auction was guaranteed high exposure, as Johnson (formerly of Aberdeen, SD) frequently travels as part of his job and resides in the bustling Los Angeles area.

On Friday, February 18, the winning bid was submitted by a representative of National Championship Wrestling. The Alfred, N.Y.-based company promotes a unique brand of sports-entertainment and has twenty-five affiliates in five countries. As promised, Johnson will emblazon his bald head with NCW’s distinctive logo and Web address (www.ncwwrestling.com) for thirty days.

"We are very excited to be a part of this unique promotional opportunity," said Chris Orleans, founder of NCW. "We hope this one-of-a-kind advertisement will push NCW far ahead of the competition – no pun intended, of course."

National Championship Wrestling is the world’s premiere alternative sports-entertainment companies. NCW promotes wrestling events in five countries and has over three hundred wrestlers on its combined rosters. NCW’s official website is located at http://www.ncwwrestling.com.
Company: National Championship Wrestling
Contact Name: Chris Orleans
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