Bulk Supplements Direct Drive Down Prices for Online Supplements and Nutrition

From: Bulk Supplements Direct
Published: Tue Aug 25 2009

Bulk Supplements Direct, one of Europe's fastest growing supplement companies have done it again - driving down the price of high quality nutrition to make it affordable for everyone

Bulk Supplements Direct have recently launched their brand new 5000g [5kg] Whey Protein Blend at a low cost price of £39.99. Utilising only the highest quality Whey Protiens [Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate] they have delivered a product that can be used as part of any sports persons nutritional programme. Demand for their Whey Blend has been coming from various sporting sectors from bodybuilding, rugby, football to basketball.

The product delivers fast acting amino acids in the form of two of the most common proteins available today - whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Demand for their Whey Blend has been extremely high and a updated flavoured ranged is already in production due to its success.

For further details please see www.bulksupplementsdirect.co.uk or email them on info@bulksupplementsdirect.co.uk
Company: Bulk Supplements Direct
Contact Name: Jennifer Carl
Contact Email: info@bulksupplementsdirect.co.uk

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