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Published: Wed Aug 26 2009

Effective leaders motivate, inspire, and engage others to not only realize their full potential but to collaborate within teams so that the organization achieves more than the sum of its individual member contributions. Leaders at all organizational levels seeking to further enhance their effectiveness need to look no further than the StrategyDriven Leadership Conversation podcast series now available for download now at www.StrategyDriven.com.

StrategyDriven Leadership Conversations focus on the values and behaviors characteristic of highly effective leaders. Complimenting the StrategyDriven Management and Leadership articles, these conversations examine the real world challenges executives and managers face every day that aren’t easily solved with a new or redesigned process and instead demand the application of soft leadership skills to achieve a positive outcome.

StrategyDriven.com podcasts, articles, whitepapers, and models present a picture of the strategic business planning and tactical execution methods executives and managers can use to improve their organization’s performance. These publications highlight best practice activities and behaviors; describing foundational principles, activity interrelationships, process methodologies, expected benefits, and potential risks. Implemented collectively, StrategyDriven methodologies serve to increase organizational alignment and accountability for the achievement of superior results.

About StrategyDriven
Get the benefits of an experienced MBA staff without the expense at StrategyDriven.com. Developed by management and training professionals, StrategyDriven offers small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB) a wide array of best practice business planning and execution tools for executives and managers; how-to advice; example-rich podcasts; and customizable ready-to-use templates.

StrategyDriven.com began posting free articles in July 2007 and added podcasts in November 2007. In July 2008, StrategyDriven began offering interviews of industry-leading experts on a variety of business-centric topics via podcast. Individuals registering with StrategyDriven also receive an exclusive four-part whitepaper series on how to develop a performance measurement system that will help drive execution of their organization’s strategy.

At StrategyDriven.com, our goal is to provide real-world applications of strategic business planning and tactical execution best practices – a blending of information and experience practically applied in the workplace combined with a degree of research and academia – to small-to-medium size businesses that wouldn’t normally have access to these resources.

About the Contributor
Howard T. Dickens Jr. is a dynamic public speaker, facilitator, and management consultant who fully-engages his audience with a motivational appeal. He serves as Vice President of P Enterprises, a twenty-first century organization focused on restoring trust in leadership by providing executives and managers the tools and techniques they can use to exemplify the principles of Modeled Leadership, namely, character, commitment, and accountability.

Mr. Dickens has shared his insights with hundreds of executives and managers at all levels of an organization from the platform, in the classroom, and at the boardroom table. His client leaders become more effective as they implement these lessons aimed at developing motivational leadership behaviors, cultural competence, and the ability to manage workplace conflict.

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