Free Money Author Matthew Lesko Wins $27.5K in Informercial Parody

Published: Thu Aug 27 2009

Two aspiring young filmmakers have nabbed the $27.5 thousand grand prize offered by a grass-roots anti-bailout organization for a tongue-in-cheek infomercial parody staring Matthew Lesko, the exuberant TV guy in the question mark suit and questionable bow ties.

The conservative website sponsored the 30-second video contest "to galvanize public support" against President Obama’s economic stimulus efforts. The $27,500 grand prize represents what the group says is the average taxpayer’s share of the "bailout burden," according to blog

So what’s the big deal?

For one thing, Matthew Lesko has been an ardent Obama supporter and dedicated many hours to his campaign effort, the last person anyone might tap to do a commercial critical of the President. And Lesko’s message has always been "Free Money from Uncle Sam." at http:///

"In a way it makes sense," says Lesko. "I’m flattered that the video won. I have no qualms at all. In fact, this is what I encourage people to do – find out who has money available and go after it. The government sets aside billions of dollars for little-known money programs each year that the average taxpayer doesn’t take advantage of, even though they’re paying for them in the first place. If the government is spending more money, I say step up and grab a slice of the pie." With that in mind, I set up the Government Grant Money Club to help average people all the way to finding and funding government grants, loans and more.

Lesko, who has been called "the guru of government giveaways", has written 100-plus books on finding government money and free services. He has pitched these with evangelical zeal, over the past two decades, as a frequent guest on literally every major television talk show. But his ubiquitous infomercials have made him one of the most recognizable characters in television advertising.

"I’ve never met a free money program I didn’t want to talk about," laughs Lesko. "There are good and bad money programs, depending on your politics, but I’m apolitical when it comes whether these programs are right or wrong." I just want everyone to know they’re available in case they can use them."

Matthew Lesko is a 30 year expert on government programs and has written over 100 free money title on government grants, loans and free help. His latest innovation is the government money club where members can sift through 1000's of money programs at the state and federal levels with live help at

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