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Published: Fri Aug 28 2009

Conveyancing is a tricky business and one which many different people have attempted to master; it appears now, however, that the internet is changing the conveyancing game for good. Technology has become increasingly important in this business, improving efficiency and allowing more remote handling of clients. One of the latest firms to offer conveyancing services online is Homes on Sale, a firm which has built up a strong internet presence in recent years. With their trusted reputation and solid user base, they look set to provide an excellent way to fulfill a customer’s conveyancing needs through the internet. With brand new methods and effective handling of various different conveyancing situations, there is definitely the possibility that they could be at the forefront of changes in the future.

Cheap comveyancing inThe team at Homes on Sale can help provide a number of different services to suit the needs of the customer, with years of conveyancing experience for those looking to buy, sell or remortgage their property. They use an effective comparison algorithm to find the cheapest conveyancing quote from some of the UK’s most popular conveyancing firms. Their quotation system has been extensively refined to provide rapid results and only those quotes which are perfect for the needs of the customer. The team have also made sure that all conveyancing firms in their comparison system have a completely transparent approach to their costing structure; this ensures no nasty surprises for the customer and sets their service apart from competitors.

With the state of the UK economy, it’s hardly surprising that conveyancing firms are competing fiercely for customers, primarily by lowering their prices. The difficult financial situation for most consumers has also meant that saving money is absolutely essential, so Homes on Sale appear to have picked up on something which could grow rapidly, helping thousands of consumers to save money on conveyancing. On the business side of things, conveyancing firms are happily signing up in their droves to ensure they are part of the comparison system that the site uses as the potential number of clients is huge.

The team at Homes on Sale are running a tight ship, promising that any unsuccessful sales, purchases, or remortgages, will not be charged to the consumer, another example of their customer service orientated business ideals. Homes on Sale will also monitor the actions of each conveyancing solicitor, making sure they conform to stringent standards and following each process individually. Another great feature of their service which the team have worked hard on is the online tracking system which allows the customer to follow the whole process down to minutiae in real time. This allows the online system to feel more personal and definitely ensures that the customer’s needs are met. With so many never-before-seen features, Homes on Sale look set to change the landscape of online conveyancing services, taking thousands of customers with them at the same time.

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