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From: Voila Salon & Spa
Published: Wed May 18 2005

There is an excitement growing and it's all about this hot technology from the United Kingdom called the "Perfector." The Perfector is a microcurrent system that is touted for it's "non-surgical face-lift", the benefits of the Perfector are both preventative and corrective and can be realized by men and women of all ages. Voilà Salon & Spa is the first and only salon in the area, and in the state of Michigan, with this technology. The owners of Voilà Salon & Spa, Bruce and Lori Halloway are excited to not only provide Perfector microcurrent services but to have the opportunity to introduce this amazing technology to the regional market.

The Perfector was invented following the Nobel Prize winning discovery of the patch-clamp technique (1991). The patch-clamp technique proved that there exists a minute amount of electricity in the cell membrane. Designed at London University in 1992, the Perfector utilizes specific frequencies (.8 - 4 Hz) the same frequencies that were found to regenerate cells. The Perfector is known to build tissue and produces a proliferation of cells by fibroblasts' secretion of proteins such as collagen.

Additionally, the Perfector works on the nerves and muscle cells to increase tonicity of the fine facial muscles. Aside from the "lifting program" the Perfector has 7 unique computerized programs designed to bring oxygenated blood to the surface to nourish the skin, a lymphatic drainage program that removes stored toxins from the cells, a firming program that has also been designed to reduce skin discoloration's, scars, sun damage, age and pregnancy spots, acne, melasma and rosacea.

There is also a program for deep magnetic cleansing which cleanses the skin of dead cells and impurities without thinning the skin as microdermabrasion and peels eventually do. While there are currently other microcurrent technologies on the market, the Perfector utilizes a unique variable voltage and automatically adjusts according to the resistance of the skin, resulting in cellular regeneration. There is an alternative to plastic surgery and minimally invasive procedures.

The Perfector was FDA approved in 2003 as a Class 1 non-surgical machine. It is a safe alternative to plastic surgery with no pain or down time. Because the results are immediate, it has been turning the heads of top editors and receiving press coverage from Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Harpers and many other magazines. It has been coined the "miracle machine" by ABC News and has been featured on Good Morning America…stay tuned for a lot more television coverage.

"A Beautiful Complexion Begins With a Philosophy of Prevention and Preservation!" Love the skin you are in! For more information visit www.voila-salon-spa.com or call (734) 944-9363 to schedule a consultation or procedure.

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