High Adventure Ranch Offers Red Stag Hunts

From: High Adventure Ranch
Published: Sat Aug 29 2009

One of the largest deer, the Red Stag, is prized for its unique antlers. And because it is not native to North America, many hunters will travel great distances to add this trophy to their collections. But a trip abroad is not the only way to bag a Red Stag, High Adventure Ranch in central Missouri offers exclusive Red Stag hunting packages.

"I always hear about devoted hunters shelling out big bucks in order to travel to Europe or New Zealand in order to go after a Red Stag trophy," said Charles Puff, owner of High Adventure Ranch. "But, a trophy from New Zealand and a trophy from High Adventure Ranch are the exact same prize. However, traveling overseas is going to be much more costly, airfare alone is $1,500 to $2,000, and much more of a hassle. Just getting the meat and antlers back into the country after an international hunt can be difficult. After your hunt at High Adventure Ranch, you can just load up your car or truck and drive home."

Known as the Monarch of the Mountain, the Red Stag (or Red Deer) is typically considered the most beautiful antlered animal on the planet. Mature Stags will usually have racks with 12 or more points and make for some of the finest trophy animals in any hunter’s collection. High Adventure Ranch is home to some of the most majestic Red Stags in the United States scoring from 230 to over 400 points.

Additionally, the meat of the Red Stag is known for being the best tasting venison in the world. In fact, it is typically what they serve at America’s finest Restaurants and historically has been a delicacy for the nobles of Europe. The tender meat is rich in taste, high in protein, and low in fat. And, with the deer weighing in at about 400 to 650 pounds, hunters will have plenty of venison for months of entertaining.

"A trip to New Zealand is going to land you at an outfitter similar to High Adventure Ranch, except for the fact that it is 8,000 miles away from home. Hunting in the United States not only supports the local deer hunting community, but it is also much nicer on your wallet. As one of the few North American outfitters that sponsor Red Stag hunts, our Red Stag blood line originates from Yugoslavia and we have a superior mating program in tact to insure the highest quality trophy animals. So next time you think about jumping on a plane to stalk a Red Deer, jump in your car instead and make the trip to High Adventure Ranch," said Puff.

About High Adventure Ranch:
Founded in 1983, High Adventure Ranch is the only all inclusive hunting ranch in Missouri. Featuring the finest caliber of big game animals, High Adventure Ranch has a large selection of animals including Elk, Bison, Yugoslavian Red Stag, Pure Russian Boar from Germany and native Whitetail Deer among others. Now one of the largest big game hunting ranches in the United States, High Adventure Ranch attributes its growth to their No Game No Pay policy, continual reinvestment in their accommodations and extremely loyal and knowledgeable employees. For more information about High Adventure Ranch, please visit http://www.highadventureranch.com or call 1-877-858-3481.

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