Radio Station For Cats Launches Black Cat Adoption Month Campaign

From: Cat Galaxy
Published: Fri Jul 07 2006

With the current cat and kitten season being one of the worst to date, many cats are awaiting adoption to good and loving homes and many of them are black cats. Cat Galaxy, the internet radio station for cats is hoping that many of those humans interested in adopting a cat or kitten will consider the black ones as they name July, Black Cat Adoption Month in a national campaign to find them good and loving homes.

"We at Cat Galaxy love all cats but want to let all the other humans out there know how cool the black ones are. Isis our station manager is a black cat and she is absolutely one of the best cats around. It is a shame so many (black cats) are not getting adopted because they are wonderful. I can speak from experience being the proud human servant of one," said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy.

Rosen is hoping that many rescues across the country will join them in the campaign and also let the station know about their black cats for adoption and if they are having adoption specials for them. Black cats often seem to get passed over by adopters as opposed to the multi-colored cats which is why Black Cat Adoption Month was created.

"Black cats are great but often seem to get passed over for felines that have multiple colors. It is unknown why. Maybe some people are superstitous because they think encountering a black cat is unlucky & negative, or simply see their color as being bland. I really haven't a clue . In my household having a black cat is a symbol of good luck and is even one of the logos of our station. Black cats are simply cool and I think more exotic, there really isn't any other way to put it," Rosen added.

The station is also broadcasting a series of live shows entitled The Black Cat Club which will air every Sunday beginning at 10am (12pm Central, 1pm Eastern) to help promote Black Cat Adoption Month. Cat Galaxy will have in-studio guests as well to talk about black cats for adoption, cat health and rescue. It is a not miss if you love all things cats especially if you have fondness for the black ones.

For more information go to or call 480-980-8541. Cat Galaxy is based in Scottsdale, AZ and broadcasts 24/7 in 128k CD quality stereo for cats to enjoy. If any of the feline rescues out there have an adoption special going on during Black Cat Adoption Month, please feel free to email the station at
Company: Cat Galaxy
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