Getting Your Small Business a Toll Free Number Just Got a Lot Cheaper

Published: Wed May 18 2005

Irvine, CA – May 1st, 2005 – Small businesses on a shoestring budget are now able to afford their own toll free 800 number with the help of -- a small business helping small businesses.

It wasn’t long ago that only large businesses could afford to get their own toll free 800 number. Times have changed and the marketplace has moved toward small businesses dominating the need for toll free 800 services. is spearheading the small business toll free movement by offering incredibly low rates when compared to the national average. Beside a small setup fee of under $40.00, the end user pays only 4.5¢ per minute only when they receive incoming calls on their toll free 800 numbers. does not charge monthly fees or hidden fees that other telecommunications companies are notorious for. This is one reason they are the preferred choice among small business owners who wish to capitalize on the benefits of owning a toll free 800 number.

Marketing research has shown increases in sales up to 600% for small businesses advertising a toll free number rather than their standard local number. Offering your customers and clients a toll free way of contacting you is a smart decision because it immediately establishes rapport, instills trust in your product or services, and creates a larger corporate image. handles customer service as an individual relationship rather than a catch phrase. Their expertise and willingness to explain what you are getting before you get it distinguishes their service from all others. Contact for information and to establish an account.

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