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From: Textware Solutions
Published: Wed May 18 2005

Textware Solutions announces Instant Text Mobile for Palm OS. The new program offers a very fast and accurate solution for those who use a PDA for text-entry: composing emails, taking notes or preparing documents. The program makes text-entry so much easier that it is very likely to encourage many users to do a larger share of their text-entry work directly on the PDA, rather than on a desktop computer.

Textware is a leading supplier of solutions for very fast text-entry, with Instant Text for Windows - the leading text expander solution in Medical Transcription - and the Fitaly keyboards on Palm Powered and Windows Mobile PDAs. The Windows version of Instant Text was the first program to put the power of Textware's proprietary "Jump Ahead" technology at PC users' fingertips, enabling them to enter only a few letters and then quickly select desired words and phrases from a list. This same capability is now made available to those who use Palm OS devices.

"With Instant Text Mobile, a thought which may take 1/10 of a second to form, three seconds to say, and six to ten seconds to type will now take just under a second to enter on a PDA," said Jean Ichbiah, president of Textware Solutions. "The PDA has always been the most natural place to take notes and compose emails because it is always with you. Now it is also one of the quickest and most accurate means of text entry as Instant Text Mobile delivers a very fast way from thought to text."

With other input technologies, it is often difficult to keep up while taking notes on a handheld. Many users end up using cryptic notes and a variety of abbreviations created on the spot to speed up the process. The resulting documents are often difficult, if not impossible, to understand afterwards-often by their own authors.

Instant Text Mobile avoids these problems by letting users enter fully intelligible words and phrases with only a few letters, while never requiring users to memorize predefined abbreviations. A user just enters a few letters and Instant Text flashes choices of complete words and phrases. Thus, the letters trf, tfo, trfo, tfm, tft, tftion, among others, will produce the word "transformation" as a choice, and therefore, there is no need to remember any shortcut. Any of those combinations works and a single tap enters the word on the PDA.

But words are just one "expansion" by Instant Text. As letters are being entered, they may also produce a phrase. In an attorney's glossary, for example, "natc" typed right in the middle of a sentence might yield a word like "naturalistic" but also the phrase "notwithstanding anything to the contrary," a phrase identified from the first letters of different words. The use of phrases results in major keystroke savings. For that reason, the glossaries supplied with Instant Text Mobile contain thousands of phrases that are frequently used in everyday letters, memos, and emails: phrases such as "I would like to receive," "you are going to," "on the other hand," "whether or not," and "for your review." Instant Text Mobile also includes a very easy-to-use interface, making it simple to add new phrases to a glossary within seconds.

"Instant Text Mobile offers word completion with a twist," said Tanker Bob, a writer and product reviewer for MobileTechReview.com. "The software can be as simple or as deep as you like. It can simply complete words as you start them, or you can use your own 'shorthand' to leverage its smart text-pattern-matching engine and dramatically cut your actual writing time and effort."

Instant Text Mobile is available at the Textware Solutions www.textware.com web site, for US$29. An introductory price of $25 applies until the end of September.

About Textware Solutions
Textware Solutions, based in Burlington, Massachusetts, is the leading producer of solutions for increasing the speed and accuracy of text entry in desktop computers and handheld devices. The company's flagship products for mobile devices are the Fitaly virtual keyboards for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Palm OS, and FitalyStamp, an overlay keyboard for Palm OS devices. Both Instant Text for Windows and Instant Text Mobile use the company's patented "Jump Ahead" technology.
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