Playlist Press Release - February 26 2005 next event

From: Playlist Club
Published: Mon Feb 21 2005

London's Playlist Club is proud to announce its next free party on Saturday February 26 at North London's Progress Bar.

We also wanted to inform you that we have published an interview with HP's research team, who are developing the ultimate DJ accessory, the DJammer. This interview is an exclusive item that should be of interest to digital music fans across the globe. (Read it Here.

Our next party begins at 9pm and runs through until 2am. The club invites all music lovers to come along with their best 15-minute collection of legally-owned tunes on their iPod or other music player. Volunteer judges will rate the DJs performance, and the ones that make the crowd move will win prizes, thanks to this month's sponsor, ItzKitz.

The night takes place February 26 at London's Progress Bar, and is sponsored by ItzKitz.

What are they saying:

UK daily newspaper The Star said: "Fame is in an iPod", and talked about the "latest iPod craze" - Playlist Club, a club that "gives every podder their chance of 15 minutes of fame". (This article isn't available online)

Record producer and musician Scott G thinks Playlist is like "underground radio in the sixties", observing that radio shows then, "broadcast some extraordinary musical transitions, and that's what iPod culture is bringing back."

How it works:

Playlist is exploring new ways to use music. It's a truly democratic experience, where we invite everyone to take part. We need DJs, judges and dancers who aren't scared of musical diversity. It's tunes, not genres.

DJs bring 15-minutes of their legally-owned music on their iPod or other music player and sign-up to play a 15-minute set. They aim to get the best audience reaction, and the very best DJs will win prizes. As well as released tracks, DJs are welcome to play their own songs and mixes. Check some sample playlists here. We offer a limited number of DJ slots that can be pre-booked, visit our site for details.

Judges - each of which gets a free drink from the club to help them decide, listen to the music and watch the audience move. They score how well each DJ's set goes - they decide which DJs win prizes.

Dancers - you don't have to be a DJ or judge to enjoy the party. Playlist welcomes party people ready to enjoy a widely diverse music selection on the night.

Admission is completely free. The event runs 9pm-2am at Progress Bar, 162 Tufnell Park Road, London, N7 0EE.

The Prizes

Event sponsor ItzKitz is preparing to distribute its case and accessory kits (called ItzKitz) for U2, 4G and iPod minis in the UK. We have six UK-exclusive kits to give away to the best DJs on the night. These kits were rated four out of five by iPoditude iPoditude.

Press Kit

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