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From: The Angel Whisperer
Published: Mon Sep 07 2009

Dr. Kelli is a author, psychic medium and angel communicator. Dr. Kelli works with the angelic realms, the ascended masters, council of light and many other Divine beings of light working in the spirit of love and oneness. Her powerful, healing abilities channel celestial light energy directly into your physical being, giving you the opportunity to experience the celestial light for yourself. She uses her Divine connections to the angelic and spiritual realms to channel information for healing and guidance as needed.

Dr. Kelli is a highly compassionate, intuitive and high vibrational individual. Born highly empathic, telepathic, as well as a natural healer she can relate to the many sensitive issues and challenges individuals go through; including psychic, indigo, crystal & rainbow children. After a near death experience, as well as other life changing events, Dr. Kelli went from being a corporate human resources executive to a spiritual architect. Her mission here on earth is to assist others on their path in awakening their inner light. She does this by holding a healing space that enables them to re-connect to Creator, the angelic realm, their spiritual team ; as well as their divine intuition.

Angel Certification Program
Saturday - Sunday, September 19- 20, 2009

Receive certification and have an opportunity be listed on Dr. Kelli's website under Certified Angel Intuitives Practitioners. Learn to use your intuition to align with your highest path or a desired outcome! Heals blocks and restrictions from your life! Learn to heal others from mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, prosperity blocks, etc.

Interested in becoming Certified as an Angel Intuitives Practitioner to do readings, workshops or to incorporate angel healing into your healing practice? Or do you wish to improve your healing capabilities and intuition? Want to understand your sensitive nature and move forward in life with confidence? This two-day weekend certification will leave you feeling deeply connected to yourself and to the Universe at large. You will learn to trust yourself and the guidance you receive from the Angelic Realms and Spiritual family of Light.

This Angel Intuitives Practitioner training features very small class sizes. Advanced techniques are taught that are designed to aid those students who wish to connect with their intuition and the angelic realms. This is a heart centered group. When two or more gather the energy is amplified, which will allow you to connect easily with your angels. There is support after your journey - For six months graduates will be able to connect with Dr. Kelli through free quarterly tele-classes. In addition, we are in the process of creating an Angel Intuitive's Practitioner Community Network Forum for graduates to connect with each other

Located at: Hilton Garden Inn 4070 East Main Street, Saint Charles, Illinois, 60174 USA - In the certified conference center

This class examines and discusses the interpersonal skills and operating parameters necessary for conducting angelic sessions.

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