New Random Vibration Control Software Release with Kurtosis Control and Fatigue Monitoring

From: Brüel & Kjær
Published: Tue Sep 08 2009

This new Kurtosis Parameter Control option greatly improves laboratory simulation of real-life vibration when testing components, enabling manufacturers to reduce costs and cut test times.

Traditional Gaussian random test signals do not accurately represent the "peaky" vibration signals seen in the in-service use of many products. For example, audio components in an automobile travelling on a bumpy road will experience high acceleration levels more frequently than would be simulated in a typical lab test using Gaussian random. The consequence of not using the right type of test signal under testing of the product leads to higher field failure rates and added warranty costs.

The new Kurtosis Parameter Control option gives the test lab the capability to use a non-Gaussian signal with the kurtosis characteristics set to match the "peakedness" of real-world data resulting in a better lab qualification of products.

Non-Gaussian excitation is also important as a means to accelerate fatigue tests. The ability to tailor kurtosis provides for accelerated fatigue tests and saves test time. Tests with high kurtosis spend more time at high acceleration levels. For a durability test lasting many hours, a high kurtosis test delivers significantly more fatigue damage than a Gaussian random test.

Kurtosis Control together with the Fatigue Monitor capability provides a complete solution for fatigue testing. The Fatigue Monitor detects the onset of product fatigue, with rapid test shutdown, to protect expensive and/or sensitive products from damage or catastrophic failure. This unique monitoring function can also be used to detect looseness in the fixture or mounting or even degradation of the shaker itself.

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