Fishing goes High Tech with Remote Control Fishing Boat

From: Fish Fun LLC.
Published: Wed Sep 09 2009

Fish Fun LLC. has launched a line of radio controlled (R/C) fishing boats!

The fisherman catches fish with the R/C boat. Once a fish takes the bait, the fishing line disconnects from the RC boat, and the fisherman retrieves the fish with a fishing rod. Currently available to online customers, Fish Fun Co. hopes with the cooperation of distributors "THE RC FISHING POLE" will be in outdoor and hobby stores. This product is sure to add more excitement to fishing and fun for all ages!

"I give it a big thumbs up!" says Fish Fun's Arlin. "For the fisherman that has everything The R/C Fishing Pole is something you'll have to try. For the price of a fishing rod you get the "The R/C Fishing Pole" and a r/c boat of your choice!

"The R/C Boats are about 30" inches, with twin motors, batteries are included. For those of us that already have an R/C Boat, we can get "The R/C Fishing Pole" separately. It attaches to any r/c boat! $19.95 isn't that bad either."

Arlin says Instead of casting, put a worm on the hook, attach the line to "The R/C Fishing Pole", and drive! Keep driving it around the lake or pond, or drop your line where you want. When the fish hits the line it disconnects from the boat and you reel the fish in with your fishing rod.

The item is great quality and made in the USA, says Arlin.

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