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Published: Wed Sep 09 2009, the most popular independent lottery website in the UK, has announced that several new titles have been added to its already substantial range of Instant Casino games. This means that Instant Casino players can now enjoy some very popular games that were previously available only to players who wanted to download software to their PC. The extra titles that can now be played at the Lottery Casino without downloading anything include Cubis, Jenga and Dragon Sword.

For those who have yet to play at an Instant Casino, it should be noted that employs the very latest in web browser technology to provide a gaming experience that is every bit as good as one would get in a downloadable casino environment. No special software is required to play the games, so a player can simply visit the Lottery Casino using a regular web browser and the games will automatically be loaded into the browser screen as content.

There are some large cash jackpots that can be won - these range from four and five figure sums up to appropriately lottery-sized jackpots of more than £1,000,000.

Three extra special games that are now available to Instant Casino players are Cubis, Jenga and Dragon sword.

Cubis is so-called because the game takes place in what can best be described as the diagonal half of a large cube-shaped structure. Two walls and a floor each hold 25 cubes of various colours, and the player wins prizes by getting lines of cubes that match. Essentially Cubis is a slots game, but it isn’t presented like a slots game. Bright graphics, sleek animations and exciting sound effects make it appear more like a 3D puzzle game.

Jenga is another slots game that doesn’t look at all like a slots game. It is based on the popular family game of the same name, and involves a tower of variously coloured bricks. If a player gets several matching Jenga bricks adjacent to each other then they win a cash prize – the more bricks that are matched, the bigger the prize. A quantity of bricks is then removed and new bricks added to the top of the Jenga tower, giving the player multiple chances of winning in the same game.

Dragon Sword is a 25 line slots game featuring a knight, a dragon and various other 'swords and sorcery' type symbols. The game is presented in a modern cartoon style and plays like a more traditional five-reel slot machine than the other two games mentioned previously.

Sam Weren, spokesman for, said: "Instant Casino players are often treated as second-class online casino players, and we don’t like that at all. We were determined to make sure that our most popular and entertaining download titles could be played by Instant Casino visitors, and we’re delighted to announce that we have succeeded. The quality of the games now available at our Lottery Instant Casino really does have to be seen to be believed."

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