Published: Mon Feb 21 2005

University of California, Davis, CA, 8 Feb 2005 — Constante P. Firme III, an undergraduate at the University of California, Davis, released a work of fiction through IUniverse, Inc. early in 2005. Titled Death’s Memoirs, the book is a short collection of fiction and poetry; published in hopes of drawing attention back to a dying market.

"Poetry is simply not entertaining," says Constante, "and that’s mainly because we’re still writing it in the same, conventional way; using predetermined literary frameworks." Constante claims we have to "mix it up a little," and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Death’s Memoirs is a short story under literary criticism, with a nonfiction label, having a fictional story that convey satire through a collection of poems, organized like a novel with religious and social emphasis; which also qualifies under Asian Authors. Definitely the first of it’s kind to identify with so many genres.

Death’s Memoirs is the first of its kind to address social issues so blatantly. As a literary critic, Constante stabs at our social construct with no shame; and his apparent skepticism for mainstream religions is guaranteed to spark controversy.

"All his friends, including myself, were offended by the material. But that didn’t mean we stopped reading" says fellow Michael Regan. Other reviews agree, Death’s Memoirs is an aggressive, innovative, whimsical, and strange work of literature.

Death’s Memoirs addresses a new issue pertaining to the Bible. Is Death a concept for an entity? As trivial a question as that may sound, Constante claims such questions help to progress the general public’s fascination with the Bible. "Even the
smallest of discrepancies in interpretation should be explored; this way, we continue to create more topics of discussion, and inevitably bring more attention to the holy
writings." Attention, he claims, is essential for the proliferation of positive, religious influence.

"I want to change the way people see poetry. Poetry is more than just reading
material for comparative literature majors and high school English classrooms. I want to
bring poetry out of that dark corner in the bookstore and put it on front display"

Already available internationally, Constante is sure to draw unwarranted attention. Aimed to anger, and to explore, Death’s Memoirs could become a keepsake for Californian literature, or toilet paper for the behind of its critics.

Constante encourages others to do the same; to explore the possibilities in changing our current trend of writing style. That is why he is openly offering assistance to residence in his local area, to meet and advice potential writers during his free time; much like a private tutor. "It’s not as easy as we think it is, but if they have the ambition to do so, then there needs to be a resource to teach them how. At least, one that doesn’t cost you anything."

Constante is opening a class through the Experimental College at UC Davis later this year. The workshop will be free and open to anyone who can apply for the Experimental College. Constante welcomes inquiry, and encourages anyone to contact him if they need help. He is offering to the public a humble, civil service- with no charge. He can be reached by phone (626) 512-4055, or through e-mail at cpfirme@ucdavis.edu. He promises prompt reply.

Death’s Memoirs by Constante P. Firme III, ISBN 0-595-34266-3, Pages 130, published January 2005, Original Edition: 5 x 8. Available through BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com, Booksamillion.com, and IUniverse.com.

Contact: Constante P. Firme III. Emerson Hall 316-A. 565 Oxford Circle. Davis, CA 95616. Telephone: (626) 512-4055. cpfirme@ucdavis.edu
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