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Published: Wed May 18 2005

Still blaming bad hair days on your shampoo, your hormones and the weather? "The real culprit," says New York hair colorist Robert Craig, "is the water!" Water varies widely all around the U.S. and even within the same city. Extremely hard and moderately hard water contains minerals that cling to hair and make it difficult for shampoo to clean properly. Soft water makes rinsing out shampoo a challenge, and can leave hair limp and dull. When traveling for vacation, business or a big event, don’t let bad hair days add extra stress to your life.

Robert Craig No More Bad Hairdays Kit - comes with twelve test strips, three shampoos for different water (soft, moderately hard and extremely hard) and a spray-on, leave-in conditioner. If you're traveling frquently and your hair is color-treated, water can wreak havoc on your hair. These travel-sized shampoos really do perform mini-miracles, and the spray-on conditioner is nice, too. Now, a trio of shampoo formulations from Robert Craig address the problems water causes that make it hard for us to tame our hair. Craig went to work on this problem after clients who traveled on business came back complaining that their usual shampoo didn't perform the way it did at home.

Trained in both the science and art of haircare, Craig knew how variations in water can affect hair's health and appearance. He devoted five years to developing and testing a travel-size shampoo kit that would assure his clients great hair wherever they want.
Robert Craig's No More Bad Hair Days Kit contains three different ultra concentrated shampoos, each designed to work in a different type of water, a leave-in conditioner, and a dozen water test strips. By simply dipping a test strip in a sample of water and comparing the resulting color to the colors of the bottles, it's easy to find out which shampoo to use. When the strip tests green the water is soft. Dark brown indicates moderately hard water, and light brown, extremely hard.

Each Salon-Formulated shampoo contains a special blend of botanical ingredients and is kind to normal, color-treated and permed hair. Robert Craig's Conditioning Spray Leave-In Protector - designed to detangle, moisturize and protect against UV damage - gives hair a final pampering.

"Whether you shampoo at home, the health club, or travel for pleasure or business, these shampoos will make bad hair days a thing of the past," says Robert Craig. "And the kit is compact and simple to use, making it easy to enjoy these rich formulations wherever you go."

Robert Craig's No More Bad Hair Days Kit sells on line at for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.
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