Cyprus’ anti cyber crime seminar

From: SSR-i
Published: Thu Jul 13 2006

Larnaca, in Cyprus, played host to the latest in a series of Europe-wide ‘cyber security’ summits. Intended for key IT specialists, the summits cover enterprise security strategies devised by the New York-based International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultant (EC-Council) - the international organisation driving standards and skills for e-Commerce Consultants - and its master distributors throughout Europe, the specialist cyber crime fighters, SSR-i.

The event in Cyprus was hosted by Computrain, which has become one of SSR-i’s partners in Europe to deliver the range of EC-Council courses for both IT professionals and computer users who need to know the basics of computer security.

The summit covered hacking, intellectual property theft, corporate espionage, security solutions, legal considerations, risks and mitigation strategies. There was also a live hacking session to showcase vulnerabilities often found in many systems.

"The event highlighted the risks and exposures that all organisations face with regard to unauthorised intrusions and theft on their business systems," said George Thrasivoulou, of Computrain, Cyprus. "Not only offering an insight into the tools and methods used by unethical hackers (‘crackers’), the seminar explored when and why an organisation can become a victim - and explained the counter-measures available."

Seminar delegates included representatives of CYTA, Cyprus University of Technology as well as Laiki Bank, Hellenic Bank and international organisations including KPMG.

"These seminars make delegates aware of the potential dangers to their systems’ security. They also provide the knowledge and skills that help to prevent security breaches or, if they occur, trace and then secure them," said SSR-i’s Rajive Kapoor.

According to Sanjay Bavisi, president of the EC-Council, losses from cyber crime are increasing because of improvements in automation, increasing the speed of attacks; increasingly sophisticated attack tools, and the increasing permeability of firewalls, among other things. He stated: "Organisations’ greatest losses because of cyber crime – from such things as identity theft and computer-generated fraud - are now greater than those posed by systems being attacked by viruses or worms."


About SSR-i
SSR-i has been formed as the master distributor in the UK and Europe for the products developed by the EC-Council – the international organisation driving standards and skills for e-Commerce Consultants.

The launch platform in the UK is the Licensed Penetration Tester programme that allows organisations to test their networks using the approaches and techniques that hackers would use. This program develops skills for Ethical Hacking, Forensics and Penetration Testing that will identify weaknesses and plug them – before malicious hackers get to them.

SSR-i programmes are delivered via 38 delivery locations throughout Europe in association with its group of European partners including Training Camp, IT Security Training, Net security, BT Britannia and ASG trainin, along with Lancaster University and Leeds College of Further Education in the UK; New Horizons, Train & Consult, and Training Camp in Germany; Upgrade and GED Systemes in France; TSTC in Benelux; New Horizons and GKN in the Netherlands and Denmark, as well as Computrain in Cyprus.
About EC-Council
The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultant (EC-Council) has developed a certification program that combines relevant education with an examination assuring professional competency. The Internet's rapid evolution into electronic commerce and full-featured information delivery system has meant that IT professionals need a new range of skills.

The EC-Council has defined those skills in terms of internet security and this, in turn, means that organisations can use their firewalls, encryption and other security technologies to the maximum effect. These programs extend to website marketing, and other electronic commerce issues such as internet law, intellectual property rights, domain names, and copyright law.
EC-Council conferences allow professionals to work together to learn the latest news and counter-measures on security and network with other members from around the world.
The mission of the EC-Council is to:
• Foster professional standards
• Provide for communication among all E-commerce professionals, including corporate e-commerce consultants in government, business, and education, independent consultants, and aspiring e-commerce professionals such as students
• Provide for education through the development of curriculum, publishing of articles and books, professional papers, and the sponsoring of seminars and conferences
• Provide accreditation for E-Commerce certification and training programs

The EC-Council is a member-driven organisation whose members include practitioners from all levels of various fields and in a broad range of industries. Some of these members include Erik Laykin Pacific Rim, FBI/Infragard and Eric Yocam, Microsoft Corporation. The EC-Council also has had some high profile testimonials from Novell (Canada), the Ministry of Defence (UK), the Royal Navy (UK), the US Army (Germany), Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) and the National Bank of Kuwait (Kuwait)

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