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Published: Fri Sep 11 2009

Any time, any way, any place. Save up to 95% on your costs of Telecommunications with our Propietary Technology. Take Hold of the $4 Trillion Industry Worldwide with FDI Connect / FDI International. In all spectrums of Telecommunications: Landline, Wireless Voip, Residential, Internet, Cellular, Calling Cards, Corporate Solutions.

Over 4 Trillion a year worldwide with $1.3 Trillion in the U.S. alone, the telecom industry is forecasted for a growth of 30% over the next 3 yrs. The revenue is shared by 7 business categories: Residential, Wireless, Internet-Voip, Corporate Solutions, Calling Cards, Long Distance and Equipment. Each Category is a stand alone business.

Todays communication is deliverd through 3 venues:
POTs (Plain old telephone ie Landline)
Voip- Internet

POTS landlines: according to the International Telecom Union, residential and office phone service in the US has greown from 182.9 million subscribers in 2003 in the US today over 94% of the homes have home servicess.

Wireless- Cell phone: Cell phoen usage has sky rocketed over the last five years with 160.7 million subscribers in 2003 to over 270.5 million subscribers today. 95% of those cell phone users still maintain a house phone line.

Voip- Internet: Voip is a technology that enables phone calls to be made over the Internet at drastically reduced costs. Still in the infancy, the Voip business is expanding rapidly throughout the US and abroad. According to Pike and Fischer, about 8.5 million more US households will start using Voip for their home phone service over the next 2 yrs. The number of Voip connected households will approach 30 million by the end of 2009.

FDI Connect / FDI International services are available in over 15 languages: English, French, Spanish, Tagalog, Indonesian, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japenese, Italian, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Customers have: personal web portal, virtual international calling card, call back services, call conferencing up to 23 people, personal speed dial, international switch board, Voip, call shop, soft phone, video, customized account, activate any cell phone service for Voip Rates and more.

http://giconn.net Videos on the Products and Services

http://giconn.com Estore of Telecom Products and Services

FDI Connect / FDI International
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Telecom, as you know it, is NOW obsolete! Home Phones, Cell Phones, Business Phones, Video Phones, and VoIP Phones, Even your Internet Access is changing! Faster, Clearer, Smoother, Simpler, and most importantly, LESS EXPENSIVE!

You can touch ALL seven areas of the Telecom Industry through ONE global opportunity!

FDI Connect / FDI International OWN's THE TONE! That is, we are NOT just a re-seller of outdated technology that is subject to the whims of the Industry!

FDI Connect / FDI International OWN's th cutting edge, proprietary technology that is re-shaping the industry TODAY, and for years to come! Save up to 95% of current telecom costs

Browse the internet on your laptop from your phone at broadband speeds unlimited!
Unlimited Video Conferencing for up to 23 people!
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6 year old, proven company with a STELLAR track record, is going international Aug. 15th with launch of their NEW Telecom Division...this is the real deal.

FDI Connect / FDI International is the real thing. Look at these public figures whom have never been affiliated with any other companies in this industry but us:

• Anthony Robbins – World Authority on Leadership Psychology.
• Jordan Goodman – America’s Money Answers Man.
• Todd Davis – LifeLock CEO.
• AC Green – NBA’s Iron Man.

If you are seriously considering FDI Connect / FDI International from an opportunity stand point, it would be wise of you to thoroughly evaluate this opportunity. This opportunity, particularly for those that ACT NOW, before the future wave, has the potential to become exceedingly prosperous in the months to come. So don’t procrastinate on this one.

Partner with FDI Connect / FDI International with a 16 yr history of Telecom products with over $1 Billion in sales globally providing major contracts to large corporations. Partner with the MOST PRODUCTIVE TEAM in FDI. We will empower you to profit from all 7 categories of Telecommunications with FDI Connect / FDI International.

Fulfill your Dreams and Live your Dreams. Become an independent representative. William Austin is now accepting applicants to his "World Class Team", which is the top earning team in FDI year after year. Change your life! Call Direct to 706-247-1841.

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William Austin; CEO Associate FDI Connect / FDI International Direct 706-247-1841 Email: giconnectglobal@att.net
Company: FDI International
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