Terroris Attack To Down Vast Numbers Of Commercial Planes

Al Qaeda terrorists planned to hijack a passenger plane from Eastern Europe, where security precautions are not as strict as elsewhere. They were to then fly the plane into a busy terminal at Heathrow airport, killing hundreds of people and destroying one of the world's busiest international airports. They wanted to punish Blair (Bin Laden's main enemy) for Britain's role in Iraq.

Tony Blair ordered armoured vehicles and hundreds of troops to Heathrow, for no apparent reason.

Leader of the al Qaeda cell, based in east London, Abdulla Ahmed Ali of Walthamstow, wanted to outshine 9/11 with the world's largest terrorist attack, He wanted to create what he described as a "world shock".

Leaving up to 10,000 people dead, the three Islamic Brits plotted to blow up at least 18 transatlantic jets. They intended to blow up United Airlines, American Airlines and Air Canada jets. Hidden in lucozade bottles, liquid bombs would be made from hydrogen peroxide. Within two hours of each other, many of the planes would have taken off from Heathrow's Terminal 3.

This security scare led to a clampdown at airports right across the world, placing severe restrictions on the quantity of liquid passengers are able to take on flights.

Counter terrorist police, security services and prosecutors spent over £35 million stopping the plot and bringing Ali to justice. He had received his training in Pakistan.

Police in Pakistan believed the plot had been hatched in their country, with detailed instructions being passed to Ali, during his regular visits to the lawless area that borders Afghanistan. When he was arrested in August 2006 police found a blueprint for the plot in his tattered diary, plus the seven targets, airport security arrangements and details of flights on a memory stick.

The ringleader Ali was so depraved, he even considered taking his baby son with him on his mission of death, warning in foul video rants, how the attacks would "leave body parts scattered in the streets".

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