FDI International Connect to the USA from Anywhere in the World for $22.95/mo. and Unlimited in Netw

From: FDI International
Published: Fri Sep 18 2009

FDI Connect, synonymous with GiConnect is taking the Global Telecom Market by Storm by combining the cost savings of VOIP Technology with Cellular / Mobile Technology.

FDI International offers products, services and technologies available to millions in the US and all around the world. Every product and service saves you time and money. FDI is a business that thrives while saving people up to 95% of the money they're already spending!

FDI covers all 7 areas of the telecom industry. Including Cellular, Residential, VoIP, Video Phones, Calling Card, Business Solutions and Equipment.

The telecom industry is $4 trillion a year industry. 1.3 trillion in the US alone. But FDI is a global company. You can save people 50-95% on their telecom service in 63 countries! We are never going to want to communicate less then we are right now and you can be apart of it!

FDI International - GIConnect can even turn your existing business PBX systems into VOIP without getting new equipment. FDI has the technology to convert your existing home or business equipment into VOIP with very little cost. At the existing monthly cost of $30, $40, $50, or even $60 per phone line, FDI Connect can reduce that monthly cost 50 – 95%.

FDI and GIConnect's proprietary products and technology are your gateway to reducing your residential and commercial telecommunications cost worldwide. All of the FDI Connect products and services you are about to read about have been designed, developed and manufactured to provide maximum value, quality and reliability, not to mention the cost savings that will undoubtedly be of benefit to you. All of the products stand alone with no competition. These FDI Connect proprietary products include the following:

The Widget: This device falls under the residential category. By plugging it into your home phone, it will provide you with instant long distance service and save you up to 80%. There is no need for internet or high speed broadband service or even a computer, just an ordinary phone. It is portable and you can take it anywhere with you, hotels, dorms, vacation and business trips, just to name a few. Additionally, it will give you instant long distance service without paying the high cost. FDI Connect calls it, "the long distance plan that fits into the palm of your hand." It puts you in complete control.

The GiCell Phone: Besides being a cell phone, it is a VOIP phone. It is a Tri-Band phone that allows you to travel anywhere in the world with this phone with no roaming, and it serves as your wireless internet air card. It has MP3, MP4, Bluetooth stereo, a video player and much more. FDI Connect believes there is not another phone on the market that has all these features.

The USB Speaker Phone: This FDI Connect device is a true piece of telephony equipment that makes calls from any computer’s USB port. Just plug it into the USB port, with or without soft phone software and dial away. Calls to other FDI Connect users worldwide are free!!! Call on your computer with our VOIP rates and you don’t need a broadband connection. You should hear the quality of the sound of these calls. Take it with you and use it on your laptop. Remember, calls made "FDI2FDI" are always FREE!!!!

FDI Connect Calling Cards: With this one of a kind FDI Connect virtual calling card, you can make calls from any phone, anywhere, anytime, to any place in the world at unheard of rates. Other features include call conferencing with up to 23 participants, speed dial, and many other amazing features. You can also customize it and speak in over 15 languages.

The FDI Connect TriNet: Last, but certainly not least, is the FDI Connect TriNet. You can anywhere in the world on this proprietary technology, cell to cell and the cost is free!! The TriNet will also give you up to 4 phone lines for literally $1 a month for all lines. The FDI Connect TriNet has collectively over 38 pieces of software. Each of them was designed to give you complete control over all of your telecom applications, cell phone, residential, VOIP and business.

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