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Published: Thu May 19 2005

Recently, there has been a lot of attention paid to the particularly disabling disorder referred to as "post-partum depression." Actress Brooke Shields, in her recent book called "Down Came the Rain," describes her own horrific experience with this problem after her pregnancy. Discussions on talk shows give an accounting of various drugs that are being utilized to treat this disorder. However, drugs are not the answer for this condition.

It is strictly a hormonal problem that can be easily prevented, easily diagnosed, easily treated, and easily eliminated. Hormones control every system of the body. Currently, physicians do not receive the kind of training necessary to understand how the body operates when it comes to the critical area of hormonal balance and imbalance.

The treatment of hormonal problems is woefully inadequate and, unfortunately, patients needlessly suffer as a result. Simply put, the causation of post-partum depression is related solely to a reduced amount of a hormone called progesterone. The last half of a woman's pregnancy is marked by an incredibly high amount of progesterone secreted by the placenta.

This hormone is the "feel-good" hormone for women and explains why many women feel terrific during the latter part of their pregnancies. However, after a woman delivers there is a sharp decrease in the level of this hormone, resulting in the possibility of developing depression.

The application of natural, bio-identical, non-synthetic progesterone in the appropriate dosage, either by skin cream or vaginal suppository, immediately eliminates the depression. A woman who has inadequate levels of progesterone often has other problems associated with pregnancy. These include difficulty with conceiving, often leading to unnecessary in-vitro fertilization procedures.

Low progesterone levels cause nausea with pregnancy, miscarriages, premature births, etc. The utilization of natural, bio-identical progesterone eliminates almost all of these problems. Unfortunately, most of the physicians recommending hormones for women are gynecologists who, as a group, are particularly deficient in their understanding of natural hormones.

It is recommended for those people seeking information or treatment for post-partum depression, or other pregnancy related issues, that advice be obtained from physicians who are familiar with bio-identical (non-synthetic) hormones, expressly those who emphasize hormone treatment with progesterone and not estrogen (bio-identical or otherwise).

Post-partum depression, morbid obesity, attention deficit disorder, male menopause and sexual dysfunction, chronic migraines, and adult onset diabetes are just some of the medical conditions Dr. Michael Platt, M.D. has been able to treat successfully with the inclusion of natural hormone therapy in his more than 35 years of medical practice.

Many of Dr. Platt's patients have come to him after years of unsuccessful or incomplete treatment by other medical doctors focused largely on a synthetic drug-based approach to the treatment of illness, drugs that often include dangerous side effects and only help manage the symptoms of each disease instead of attacking the root causes. Dr. Michael E. Platt, M.D., author of the new book Natural Hormone Therapy for Men, Women, and Children, is one of a growing number of Western medical doctors who've discovered, in their own practices, how patients can be healed and their lives made whole without the necessity of constantly resorting to either expensive and potentially dangerous prescription drugs or invasive surgical procedures.

In many instances, the missing piece of the treatment puzzle can be as simple as naturally raising the levels of one or more of the body's deficient hormones, (such as raising testosterone for increased sex drive and muscle tone, including natural progesterone to combat post-partum depression, or by balancing the thyroid with the correct type of bio-identical thyroid supplement), or by decreasing the level of an overly dominant hormone, such as excess estrogen (a known cause of several cancers, including breast and uterine cancers), the overproduction of insulin, (often a major culprit in hypoglycemia, attention deficit disorder, and the inability to loose weight), and elevated adrenaline levels (a significant contributing factor in most hyperactivity and behavioral problems in children and adults). Call We Publish Books at 1-310-765-4078 or for more about Dr. Platt's book on Natural Hormone therapy or to set up interviews.
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