SAVOIE TECHNOLAC innovates in international partnerships

From: FTPB
Published: Thu May 19 2005

SAVOIE TECHNOLAC, a science park in south-east France, is looking to develop international partnerships. The site has 6,500 people working in 130 innovative companies, with 15 laboratories and 60 advanced training courses. Partnerships have already been set up in California, Quebec, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Wales.

As well as its natural assets – such as its proximity to Lyon, Geneva and Turin, its location on the banks of France's largest natural lake, Lake Bourget, and direct access to the largest skiable area in the world – SAVOIE TECHNOLAC has many other advantages to offer.

It is an official member of the IASP (International Association of Science Parks) and is one of the world's few science parks to be ISO 14001 certified. On a single site it hosts the complementary resources and expertise necessary for innovation and creation, particularly in the environment and renewable energy sectors.

Economic activity on the site guarantees a well-matched gathering. There are more than 150 doctoral students/researchers working in innovative research laboratories as well as over 200 engineers specialising in the environment or renewable energy, all of whom are available to businesses every year. Many major groups use the site’s resources, such as Véolia Environnement, SADE, GDF, EDF, Vetrotex, CNR, SAUNIER Environnement, Schneider Electric and Clipsol.

In 2005, SAVOIE TECHNOLAC will welcome the INES (Institut National de l’Energie Solaire –National Institute for Solar Energy), which will eventually house 150 researchers in its Research, Education and Demonstration centres.

SAVOIE TECHNOLAC, in south-east France, provides businesses with specific services targeting their development and offers a BIC incubator nursery (European Union Business and Innovation Centre); extensive amenities (shops, restaurants, post office, bank, nursery, etc.); two conference and exhibition centres (400 and 1000 seats); leisure activities such as sailing, golf, a gymnasium, tennis, skiing and flying; and an airport close to the site (Chambéry-Aix les Bains).
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