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Published: Thu May 19 2005

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., May 19th, 2005 – (RES), an investor and industry news portal for the renewable energy sector, is pleased to present an online interview with Tom Djokovich, CEO of XsunX, Inc (OTCBB: XSNX), a developer of solar glass technology. The Company’s Power Glass™ product, which allows glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the sun, is part of a new area of commercial opportunity called Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), a technology that allows photovoltaic material in the form of photoelectric panels, to be incorporated into the design of buildings providing additional sources for power production. According to Mr. Djokovich, "XsunX plans on licensing their solar glass technology to glass manufacturers around the world, who in turn can offer their clients the ability to turn the glass skin of modern high rise and commercial buildings into massive power generating systems and the resulting power produced can be used to power lights, elevators and other building power needs."

Power Glass™ utilizes a unique patent protected manufacturing process that is highly scalable, and employs the use of inexpensive thin film plastics reducing the overall cost of producing the solar cells. Based upon their analysis, XsunX anticipates that their solar cell design and manufacturing process may offer as much as a 100% gain on an efficiency to cost basis over current technologies, creating a significant marketplace advantage.

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XsunX, Inc (OTCBB: XSNX) is the developer of Power Glass™ - an innovative solar technology that allows glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the sun. This proprietary process is intended to allow manufacturers to apply a transparent and photovoltaic glazing to glass and other transparent substrates. When XsunX glazing is exposed to light, the light energy is converted into electrical energy for use as a power source. XsunX believes that its solar electric glazing technology has a number of major market opportunities in the worldwide architectural glass, optical film and plastics markets.

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