My Manufactured English, A Poetry Collection of Gems -- Multi-faceted and Brillant

From: The Literary Cafe
Published: Thu May 19 2005

My Manufactured English: A Book of Poetry (Trafford Publishing; ISBN 1-4120-3211-3; $16.75 paperback), by Mikaylah Simone is a socially relevant collection that not only solidifies her as a traditional poet, a "weaver of words" if you will, but a collection that celebrates her impressive revelatory view of life and mankind.

Mikaylah Simone is an emerging African-American poet whose provocative poetic style communicates consciousness and passion born out of a strong desire to transform her thoughts and life experiences into art. The blending of her Swahili roots with modern issues in pieces such as, "Belly Full" and "Consciousness" along with ancestral platforms found in "Sankofa" and "Maji" provide readers a deep appreciation for her melancholic eyes when she remembers the past and her luminous voice for the future. This premiere work includes chapters of penetrating poetry focusing on varying themes and layered meanings of politics, religion, violence, community and the complexity of love - all revealing the fresh insight of this author's journey that is honest, sad, comical and true.

Mikaylah’s brand of poetry is certainly reaching the masses, and reviewers have found her work to be dynamic, compelling and stimulating. Praise for My Manufactured English . . .

"The book of poetry is very loud, truthful and speaks about many issues that are arising today including poetry, love, war . . . "– Kimberly Keeton, Literafeelya Magazine

"This poet has done what many of her peers cannot – reach people in that space beyond the heart and soul that longs to be touched. No theatrics, catchy one-liners or over exaggerated pronunciation are necessary. Just heartfelt truth. This new voice of lyrical truth goes by the name Mikaylah Simone" – Sandria M. Washington, Bahiyah Woman Magazine

"Mikaylah’s work is like the calm before the storm . . . "– Blue, Author of Corner Stores In the Middle of the Block

Awards and Recognition for Mikaylah Simone . . . .
• The International Library of Poetry (Fall 2004 Issue of Eternal Portraits/selected poems
• 2004 Silver Medallion Award – The International Library of Poetry
• Foreword Writer of Jackie Williams anthology, Fresh Knowledge
• (Internet Destination for Punjab people around the world)
• Black News –Weekly Newsletter
• The Poetry Society of America
• The Back List, a Publishing & Literary Newsletter of African-American Interest
• Noble House London Poets House –2004, Labors of Love poetry anthology

From the "Lone Star" state (unfashionably dressed in black skin) to the "Big Apple" (where black is ‘vogue’ on the Harlem runway), Mikaylah left her Texas beginnings for New York; this soon became the ideal stage for her "one-woman show" before finding the up-and-coming art/poetry venue of Columbus, Ohio. Mikaylah Simone is available for speaking engagements, conferences, interviews, and online events. Visit her online

Mikaylah Simone
Trafford Publishing Paperbacks; 179 pages
2004; $16.75 US/$21.00 CAN
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