New Car Competition Web Site Promises Prizes Winners Can Customise and Afford to Run

From: I Want to Win It Ltd
Published: Mon Jul 24 2006

Combining the fun of competitions with real chances of wining an aspirational car prize that the winner can 'afford' to keep and use, are the key ideas behind Winners are given the flexibility to choose some custom options, including colour, to tailor the prize to their tastes - this will appeal to the lads who like to customise cars and of course the ladies who like to inject their style.

From as little as five pounds per play, visitors to the 'I Want to Win it' web site can test their spot the ball skills to win prizes such as the new shape sporty looking 2007 Honda Civic Type-R, the gutsy Volkswagen Golf GTi or the fabulously styled Mazda RX8 Hi-Power. With nine runner-up prizes and restricted numbers of entry per competition there are realistic chances of wining. As a special launch offer, odds are further increased by a buy two and get one free play offer.

Prizes have been carefully selected to reflect the differing tastes and needs of competition entrants. The Honda is sure to appeal to the teenage and early 20's customising-mad car owners, whereas, the Golf has a great heritage amongst the late 20's and early 30's crowd. Mazda's RX8 is also making waves with those who want the youthful style of a coupe delivered in beautiful package that is appealing to all age groups.

Stephen Hall, director of 'I Want to Win It', commented, some competition sites are charging up to 65 per ticket to win very desirable super cars - and who wouldn't want to win something sexy and Italian? However, the reality for most men and women, is that such prizes are just too costly too run. We want people to own and enjoy their prize for many years to come."

The web site is simple and fun to use and is not burdened by elaborate advertisements and pop-ups. All competitions are independently judged.

"Making ownership possible is important. For example, we are giving up to 2500, towards the first and second year's insurance with the Honda Civic Type-R. We are also catering for the sense of individuality of other prize winners. Runner-up prizes include 2000 to spend on modifications of 'their' choice," Stephen concluded.

Desirable yet practical cars, with the added bonus of customisation, means should be onto a winning formula.

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