Adestra invited guide UK publishers on eZine programs at NEPA conference

From: Adestra
Published: Fri May 20 2005

Paul Crabtree, Marketing Director, will be speaking on "A checklist for launching or improving an email newsletter program" and will provide attendees with a full overview of the key issues to be aware of when pursuing an eZine strategy.

There will be a mixture of attendees from large through to small publishers. Key decision makers from T & F Informa, OTC Publications, Metal Bulletin, Kable Ltd, Incisive Media, Fleet Street Publications, Euromoney, Espicom Business Intelligence, Elsevier Ltd, Economist Intelligence Unit, CRU International, Business Monitor International and many more are expected to attend.

Adestra will draw upon their experience of working closely with publishers from across their client portfolio, to provide best practice advice and share real-life insights. The presentation will provide useful lessons for publishers that provide advertisement supported products and paid-for content alike. Provisionally, the presentation will cover:

* *Data Management*: keeping compliant and maximizing data capture for further profiling
* *Message Design*: best practice considerations when re-purposing content for email
* *Getting messages through*: A publishers’ guide to getting into the inbox
* *Reporting & refinement*: getting meaningful feedback to inform your corporate strategy

Adestra Managing Director Henry Hyder-Smith commented "Following on from us speaking at the previous NEPA event, to be invited back is a great honour. I'm proud of being able to share some of our experiences gained in working with UK publishers and I'm looking forward to working with more of them in the immediate future."

He added "Many publishers are recognising our expertise in this area, and the recent increase in our client portfolio reflects this".

The conference takes place on the 12th July in London. Anyone interested in attending should contact Karen Hindle, Director, UK NEPA, Alternatively, visit

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