What the Bleep Do We Know?! and SandDollar Cosmetics Inc spread the message through body art.

From: SandDollar Cosmetics Inc
Published: Fri May 20 2005

WOODLAND HILLS, CA. SandDollar cosmetics inc and Lord of the Wind Films, creators of What the Bleep Do We Know?!TM announce a licensing partnership for the SandDollarTM body blessingTM pencil. "We believe there is great synergy in the message that beauty is more than skin deep," says Tamara Parisio, SandDollar cosmetics designer and ceo. "The body blessingTM pencil is a new way to experience body art; and to instill mindfulness of love for one’s self, and love for life."

Marlee Matlin stars in the film. Her character, Amanda, uses the pencil to decorate herself from limb to limb with a vine of hearts. The message: It is important to know one’s self, and to love one’s self. This brings an internal peace from which one can respond to life events. Peace is not about quiet and calm, it is about remaining serene amid the chaos. The message is consistent from both SandDollar cosmetics inc and from the film What the Bleep Do We Know?! TM "Loving yourself is the first step towards freedom. Have fun and remember all great things are achieved with a light heart," says Betsy Chasse, producer, What the Bleep Do We Know?! TM

SandDollar cosmetics inc is premiering via the website www.SandDollarCosmetics.com. Distribution will include retail outlets throughout the U.S.

SandDollar TM believes beauty has depth and shows at the surface... The concept promotes that while surface beauty is subjective, true beauty is undeniable and permeates the entire being. It is defined by irrefutably beautiful qualities such as integrity, loyalty, compassion, honesty, wisdom…

Infused with essential oils and including ingredients and qualities that are legendary for healing, inspiring, and nurturing the entire being, SandDollar TM products are designed to enrich the flesh, the mind, the psyche, the spirit and the soul while spreading peace & goodwill in your world.

SandDollar cosmetics inc sponsors LiveInPeaceSM offering enlightenment about essential life skills to encourage peace and harmony. The website, www.LiveInPeace.info provides information, resources and links to other helpful sites. The service is free to all who visit.

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