SandDollar Cosmetics Inc rocks Ladybug Mecca rolls to makeup your mind and caress your soul.

From: SandDollar Cosmetics Inc
Published: Fri May 20 2005

Inner peace. Do you ever wonder how to get the look? And the feeling within that makes it all come together? SandDollar Cosmetics Inc brings mindfulness to irrefutable beauty defined by wisdom, integrity, compassion, loyalty … love, with a line of products designed to engage the flesh, the mind, the psyche, the spirit and the soul. SandDollar Cosmetics Inc intends to bring mindfulness to peace and goodwill in the world through daily grooming with SandDollar products.

Among the many fans of SandDollar,TM Grammy Award winner Ladybug Mecca enjoys SandDollarTM L.I.P.TM products. "When I use SandDollarTM L.I.P.TM balm, my lips feel as if they have been to the spa, and the aroma brings a sense of serenity to me." Ladybug Mecca has recently released Sometimes with the urban alternative style that stirs the soul. Her solo debut, Rebirth of Mec, brings listeners into her world ~ a place filled with love, brightness, and optimism. Recently on tour in Europe, Ladybug was rocking with SandDollarTM on her lips.

Scents help us recollect a mood or feeling, thus the essential oils used in SandDollarTM products help engage the entire being. The intention behind each product is another way SandDollarTM shares the concept. For instance, L.I.P.TM balm is infused with frankincense for its legendary skin soothing assets and for uplifting one’s spirit. Plus, the product name, L.I.P. TM which stands for Live In Peace, reminds us to hold on to inner serenity every time we apply our lipbalm. It’s a pretty nifty way to carry meditation in your pocket.

SandDollarTM products are created with the wisdom passed on through tales and traditions throughout the world. "It is my intention to encourage harmony, beginning from within and extending to the farthest reaches. SandDollarTM offers a way to bring mindfulness to peace while going through the daily rituals of grooming," says Tamara Parisio, SandDollarTM designer and ceo.

There is a strong movement toward peace and mindfulness in the world today. There is a growing participation in organized peace vigils around the world. Spirituality is making waves in the media with the success of films such as The Passion, What the Bleep Do We Know?! and I Heart Huckabees. Celebrities’ spiritual dispositions are of great interest, including Madonna’s affinity with Kabbalah and Meg Ryan’s association with Agape, to name just a couple.

And, in music, the voices are strong, resonating with growth and genuine interest in the audience. Ladybug Mecca invites listeners into her world, "I’d like them to feel they’ve entered into a new dimension – somewhere they’ve been before, but can’t remember yet." The singer and rapper states "I am here to make a difference." Constantly striving for growth, Ladybug is constantly re-writing her agreement with reality.

Ladybug Mecca releases her solo debut, Rebirth of Mec, on the independent, self-determining Nu-Paradigm entertainment. Her work bares her soul and exposes her journey from innocence to sense. She cross pollinates breezy Afro-Brazilian rhythms with hip-hop beats, rock riffs and post-bop notes causing quite a stir. Rebirth of Mec celebrates life. "Creating music is like giving birth, and your baby is a gift to the world." That child is an instrument of peace, and Rebirth of Mec sends peace to the planet.

SandDollar Cosmetics Inc is premiering products via the website The brand promotes that while surface beauty is subjective, true beauty is undeniable and permeates the entire being. Products are infused with ingredients and qualities that are legendary for healing, inspiring, and nurturing the entire being, to engage the flesh, the mind, the psyche, the spirit and the soul.

SandDollar Cosmetics Inc sponsors LiveInPeaceSM offering essential life skills to encourage peace and harmony. The website, provides information, resources and helpful links. The service is free to all who visit.

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