Caster Concepts Partners with KIA: Provides Safe Working Environment at New Georgia Facility

From: Caster Concepts
Published: Wed Oct 07 2009

KIA Motors new facility in West Point, GA is a state of the art automobile manufacturing facility. As one of the most automated facilities in the world, KIA has invested heavily in cutting edge manufacturing equipment that will maximize efficiencies when the plant begins producing the 2011 Kia Sorrento later this year. When you walk through the facility you will see miles of conveyors, and hundreds of robots, and you will have to look closer to the floor to notice one of the most valuable investments KIA made targeted at employee safety.

After 8 months of rigorous testing, Caster Concepts, Inc. was chosen by KIA as the key supplier of industrial casters for the new facility. KIA is committed to a "fork-free" environment in the new facility. Caster Concepts has a proven track record of success in Forklift Free Environments which are becoming increasingly popular in many new manufacturing facilities. Side by side push/pull testing of a variety of caster products showed that Caster Concepts product required 25% less force to move loaded carts. With the assistance of Motion Industries, Caster Concepts has worked closely with KIA's safety engineers and its network of Tier 1 suppliers to insure the proper casters were selected for each application. "KIA was determined to find the casters that would provide the best ergonomic results while meeting the durability requirements needed for their just-in-time delivery system," said Caster Concepts Regional Sales Manager John Turner. "KIA's focus on ergonomics and safety show they want to provide the safest environment for their employees while building great, quality vehicles." Several of KIA's Tier 1 suppliers have also chosen Caster Concepts as their parts will be sequenced and shipped to the KIA plant on carts ready to be delivered to the appropriate part of the manufacturing process.

Back and shoulder injuries caused by excessive push/pull forces to move carts loaded with parts along with potential forklift incidents can have a dramatic impact on a company's productivity and profitability. Team member injuries can result in days away from work, doctor visits, and rehabilitation costs. KIA has a firm understanding of these "hidden" costs and invested in Caster Concepts products allowing their team members to easily maneuver loaded carts manually and when towed in trains throughout their plant. The investment in caster was not because it was the cheapest product on the market it was that Caster Concepts, Inc product provided the best return on investment when the entire picture is considered.

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