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From: Gocompare.com
Published: Wed Oct 07 2009

Gocompare.com has launched its pet insurance comparison service for cat and dog owners – the first true pet insurance comparison to be provided by any UK comparison site.

Currently, visitors to Gocompare.com can compare 16 different policies, with more to be added in the very near future. The new service allows customers to see at a glance which policy gives them the right cover for the right price.

Lee Griffin, business development director at Gocompare.com, said: "pet insurance used to be considered something of a luxury, however, with veterinary bills often ranging into the hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, more people are looking for cover that will protect both their faithful companion and their wallet.

"Many pet owners probably limit their search for a pet insurance provider to the leaflets they find at their local veterinary practice. With Gocompare’s new service they can quickly compare lots of policies to make sure that they are getting the right cover, at the right price."

Besides making it easier for people to find lots of pet insurance quotes, Gocompare.com’s new service can also help pet owners to quickly and easily identify what level of cover is provided. Some people may only need a 12 month policy, whereas others will require a lifetime policy – all of which are catered for by the providers on Gocompare.com’s pet insurance panel.

Lee continues, "When looking for pet insurance it is important that you check the policy details carefully. Some insurers won’t cover you for the cost of treatment of a condition more than once, whereas others will set a limit on how much they will pay out per illness. Ask yourself what you’d like to be covered by your pet insurance and don’t overpay for features that you really don’t need. Likewise, don’t assume that your pet is covered against all ailments – it could be a very expensive mistake. Gocompare.com’s pet insurance comparison is designed to help pet owners find a good deal, whilst making it clear what level of cover you can expect for your money."

Using Gocompare.com’s new service, a one year old Golden Retriever bitch, who has been spayed, security tagged and whose vaccinations are all up to date, can get accident-only cover for as little as £3.70 a month, provided by Animal Friends*.

For £9.45 a month, the same dog can get a ‘lifetime’ policy that provides cover for accidents and illnesses, as well as a £500 payout should the animal not be able to be reunited with its owner due to being lost or stolen**.

For further information please contact:
Lynsey Walden at Gocompare.com on 01633 654 055
Anders Nilsson at Gocompare.com on 01633 657 599

Gordon at MAW Communications on 01603 505 845
Jason Wyer-Smith at MAW Communications on 07824 818 242

Notes to Editors:
to link to our website please use www.gocompare.com/pet-insurance

*Cover provided by Animal Friends Insurance. This is a ‘max benefit’ policy that provides £10,000 worth of cover towards vet’s fees in the event of an accident, up to a maximum of £2,000 per ailment, per year.

**Cover provided by Halifax. This is a ‘lifetime’ policy that provides £1,000 worth of cover for vet’s fees, which is refreshed each year, as well as £500 cover against your pet becoming lost or stolen, as well as providing a myriad of other benefits.

About Gocompare.com:
Gocompare.com launched in November 2006 to help people find the right insurance cover at the right price. It was founded by Hayley Parsons who has worked her entire career in the insurance broking and aggregator markets and was the first comparison site to focus on displaying product features rather than just listing prices. It was this philosophy that led to Gocompare.com becoming the first price comparison site to be invited to join the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) in May 2008 and helped force older comparison sites to change their ‘quick quote’ ways and stop using assumptions to calculate estimated figures.

Today, Gocompare.com provides one of the most comprehensive online car insurance comparison services in the UK as well as comparing home, motorbike, van, pet and breakdown cover.

Gocompare.com is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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