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From: Dialaphone
Published: Fri Jul 28 2006

The online mobile phone shop Dialaphone has added a great new offer to boost their already new offers. This new offer is free cash!

Dialaphone already has an array of great offers, but what more appealing than the offer of free cash. This new offer is applied to a great choice of handsets and a great range of monthly plans. There are cashback rewards of between £50 £150 cashback to claim; although there is no need Dialaphone customer to claim the cashback from dialaphone, a cheque will automatically be sent within 21 days - no catch and no special conditions

The £150 cash mobile phone deal is given with a free Motorola RAZR V3x handset; as well as double minutes and calls for six months and with half price rental for the first six months. There are other offers with this plan and other that can all be seen clearly on the Dialaphone. And with Dialaphone clearly means clearly! Dialaphone clearly describe their plans, for example, in plain view Dialaphone tells the customer that this plan is based on a £35 per month line rental with a minimum contract of 18 months for this mobile phone offer. There are no hidden catches with Dialaphone they make the offers clear and simple to understand so that what the customer signs up for is what the customer gets.

If the free money isn’t tempting Dialaphone also give deals with free IPods and a free XBOX 360, depending on the chosen plan. Dialaphone has hundreds of different plans with different free gifts and offers. It's advisable to visit the Dialaphone site just to see the scale of the offers available. As well as free gifts and package offers Dialaphone also has a mobile phone sale page that is constantly updated with phones and plans at sale prices. These offers can get you great deals at even further discounted prices.

Dialaphone offer are available now on the website: it's just a matter of choosing the best deal and filling in a couple of online forms and the phone will be sent out; and Dialaphone always gives free delivery on all of their products.

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