M&S Money launch pet food competition

From: M&S Money
Published: Tue Oct 13 2009

M&S Money has reported that Brits will spend more than £1.7billion on cat and dog food this year, and now the insurance provider is giving pet owners a chance to win a years' supply of pet food.

Anyone who takes out or renews an M&S Pet Insurance policy before December 31st 2009 will be entered into a prize draw. There will be six prizes of Royal Canin dry pet food for one cat or one dog for one calendar year.

Last year £1.7billion* was spent on feeding the nation's 14.5 million cats and dogs.

Consumers are becoming more concerned about what they feed their pets. A recent survey** found that 90% of pet owners know that what they feed their pet affects its health and therefore they want to feed their pets the best-quality food. High-quality premium foods are therefore a growing market sector.

Pet owners who want to keep their cats and dogs on a healthy diet but still keep costs down are increasingly turning to online pet stores. Bestpet, an online pet pharmacy and shop, has seen a 30% increase in sales of premium cat and dog food in the past year. The site sells pet medication and food costing up to 50% less than prices found at veterinary surgeries.

Charles Sweeney of Bestpet Pharmacy said: "Obesity is an increasing problem among cats and dogs. Pets that carry too much weight can suffer from heart complaints, diabetes and arthritis.

"Responsible pet owners who ensure their cats and dogs have a healthy diet and regular exercise can help reduce expensive vet bills in the future."

M&S Pet Insurance policyholders can benefit from reduced pet food costs with a 5% discount from Bestpet.co.uk


Notes to Editors:
*Estimated cost according to Mintel Report Pet Food and Pet Care Retailing, Retail Intelligence, October 2008
**Survey by the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) quoted in Mintel Report Pet Food and Pet Care Retailing, Retail Intelligence, October 2008

About M&S Money:
M&S Money (the trading name of Marks & Spencer Financial Services) was founded in 1985 as the financial services division of Marks and Spencer Group plc. The company is now a topten credit card provider and the secondlargest travel money retailer in the UK. M&S Money also offers a range of insurance cover, including travel insurance, home insurance and car insurance, as well as loans, savings and investment products.

In November 2004, Marks & Spencer sold M&S Money to HSBC. The Group serves customers worldwide from around 9,500 offices in 86 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. With assets of US$2,527 billion at 31 December 2008, HSBC is one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisations. HSBC is marketed worldwide as 'the world's local bank'.

M&S Money has an executive committee comprising an equal number of representatives from HSBC and Marks & Spencer.

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