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Published: Mon May 23 2005

One of the biggest frustrations for any small hotel, guest house, tourist attraction or anyone selling a service is missing that all important call from a potential customer who wants to book a room, register for an event or make a reservation for a service that they offer. Equally, for the customer calling up to book a service, which could so easily be done over the Internet, it is more than frustrating to sit listening to Muzak, a recording telling you to call back after 8am local time or what seems like a permanent engaged or busy tone. With ibooka all businesses can now afford to have their own Internet booking system

The problem for businesses up to now has been that Internet booking systems have cost far too much, in terms of money and time for any small business to afford them. With ibooka ( that problem is overcome. ibooka have built a fully functional solution that offers all subscribers their own tailored site, on a shared central server. The ibooka solution is another of those new breed of solutions which shows what can be done at very affordable prices when a clever use of technology and the Internet are combined with the specific intention of addressing a genuine business requirement.

To set up an ibooka site only takes a few hours and ibooka can even link in an electronic payments system to handle payments on-line. The business has to define the resources to be offered which might be hotel rooms, villa rental, events, business clubs or any other service. ibooka allows the business to easily establish alongside the resources a calendar of available days and time slots, together with the costs.

There are default backgrounds for those who are happy to have a basic level of tailoring or for those more computer literate then the web site can be fully tailored with text, backgrounds and pictures of your choosing using your own HTML.

Customers sign in to a hotel or business’ ibooka site, give their details and are assigned a security id. They can book the resources they want, pay for them and receive confirmations via email. The system even automatically checks new email addresses as they are submitted to ensure that they are real. It is easy to set-up, and very easy to use. ibooka is secure and easy to manage, hotels/owners are not even limited to just taking Internet bookings as the business can take phone bookings and enter them through a local ibooka interface. As well as being pleasing on the eye, ibooka is efficient, is simple, and it does the booking/reservation job required of it.

The cost is within the reach of any scale of business at the business does not pay anything for software licenses, hardware, operational personnel or hosting services, they simply pay a small cost. similar to the cost of telephone calls for traditional bookings, made on a "pennies-per-booking" basis.

The elegance of the ibooka solution is such that big businesses needing such a solution are now using ibooka rather than try to reinvent this particular wheel for themselves and smaller hotels, organisations and businesses are now using ibooka to match the services offered by to top 5% in their industry, who invested millions on in house built bespoke systems, as well as making sure that they never again miss a call from a potential customer, do not frustrate people with Muzak or present an image of a continual engaged or busy tone to those that want to book or buy from them.

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