Hotel Room Discount Website Launches to Extend Hand to Consumers Struggling With Hidden Hotel Fees

From: VPD Press Management
Published: Tue Oct 20 2009

A new website, which educates consumers on how to avoid hidden hotel fees and high rates, is reaching out to consumers complaining of numerous hotel fees being added to their checkout bill. Consumers complained of being charged for services they did not request more than any other fee, according to a poll asking about the most objectionable kinds of hidden hotel fees when paying regular prices or redeeming hotel room discount offers.

Despite past crackdowns from U.S. authorities, many consumers still complain of hidden hotel fees not disclosed on their reservations and hotel room discount offers. In a poll asking the public what hotel fees were most objectionable, consumers complained of mini bar fees for food and drinks they never requested or consumed. Consumers complained of fees for Internet they never used. Consumers complained of being charged for phone calls that were never made. Consumers complained of being charged as much as $5 per minute when using the hotel room phone locally. The state of Florida pressured a hotel chain with 5 years of investigation into complaints from consumers suggesting the hotel did not disclose all fees. The investigated hotel chain eventually paid $2.3 million in 2006 to settle with authorities.

"Consumers should never face unexpected fees, according on U.S. federal law," Toris Haynes, Managing Director of VacationPackageDeals.Org said. "If fees that were not shown in the terms and conditions of the hotel room discount or online reservations start appearing on the checkout bill, I would consider that a red flag. Getting incorrectly charged for services that were never requested in the first place is something that no consumer should have to pay for."

Vacation Package Deals is a professional hotel room discount and information database that specializes in educating consumers seeking ways to make rates more affordable while avoiding hotel fees consumers may not expect on their reservations and hotel room discount offers.

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