Best Way to Combat Holiday Fling Heartbreak? Find Yourself an Fbuddy at Home

From: Bright Day Ltd
Published: Thu Oct 22 2009

There are many suggestions for filling the void and getting over what some would call the inevitability of the summer fling ending. These may range from simply accepting that it’s nothing personal; it was fun but now it’s back to your own home turf, to getting some girl power around you for a good gossip. Then there’s using your time to find a new body or fbuddy or two to keep you warm on your terms over the autumn and coming winter.

The founder of My-Fbuddy, Andy Hammonds explains, "We discovered that one of the reasons given by new members joining at this time of year is that they would like to ‘get over a holiday fling’ which obviously had run its course".

Andy continues: "These are not even necessarily holidays spent abroad as some have been during the new culture of staycations within the UK. Clearly some have really enjoyed having some fun without the strings and want to replicate what they found on holiday."

So it seems dropping the rose-tinted specs on the days of our ‘Danny’s or ‘Sandy’s’ summer thrills sooner rather than later can be achieved in a more exciting, no strings attached kind of way by simply linking up online with others looking for casual sex.

My-Fbuddy is free to join, enabling you to browse the site and view thousands of Fbuddy profiles. You can pay a small subscription fee securely online or via your mobile phone which will allow you to create and view video profiles, send personal messages, and offer sexy virtual themed gifts. As a member you can also use your mobile to upload photos to your profile as well as receive text messages notifying you that other Fbuddies have sent you a message.

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