Dino Jag Releases Previously Unreleased Tracks From The Demo Vault

From: House of Wow!
Published: Tue Oct 27 2009

Dino Jag has made his mark dating back to 1995 when he was the lead vocalist for the band Stolen Waters. Since then his development as a recording artist has been on a steady incline and recognition for his work and projects with icons such as Sir Paul McCartney have been well documented.

The remake of the Wild Cherry song Play That Funky Music garnered plenty of attention for Dino in 2005 and now after a long wait his fans are ready for more. They won’t have to wait much longer, because From The Demo Vault will be released November 1, 2009!

From The Demo Vault will feature four previously unreleased tracks including "Twenty Four Seven", "You’re The One", "No Sense" and "Different". Dino maintains his danceable rhythms and beats throughout every track on the EP regardless of the lyrical content. Even the more serious songs are upbeat and given a different outlook with Dino’s endless energy and musical talent.

From The Demo Vault is available at all major retail digital outlets including iTunes and Amazon.com. Visit the Dino Jag website to find out more about the new release and enjoy all the media, news and available updates on the site.

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