Even a Secret Past Does not Spoil the Good Accomplished by a Caring Grandmother

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Published: Tue May 24 2005

COLUMBUS, Ohio – "The Seasonings of Grandma," (ISBN: 1598000047, 48 pages, Outskirts Press, Inc., Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2005924807) by McGee tells the emotional, true story from McGee’s own life.

Maxine was McGee’s grandmother. Even before McGee’s parents divorced, and McGee’s family was shattered, Maxine stepped in and took McGee under her wing, helping her through a turbulent time.

McGee takes us through a personal journey during the summers she spent as a child with her grandmother in Oregon. She shares the many valuable lessons she learned along the way.

However, McGee’s perception of her grandmother is tested when she later learns a startling secret from her past. How she handles this sudden knowledge of her grandmother’s past is a story of faith, and growth through life’s trials that can strengthen us all.

McGee offers a spell-binding tale that stresses the importance of learning, loving, and living the special seasonings that make the "cake of life."

"I wrote ‘Seasonings’ to rewind this fast paced world and share the lessons of my childhood. I hope to bring happiness, love, and wholesome goodness into the lives of families. I want to offer encouragement, hope, and love to my readers, and show them God’s mysterious yet wonderful ways – even when it is revealed through a startling secret," explained McGee.

About the Author, Angelique M. McGee

Angelique M. McGee lives in Ohio with her husband, Tony, and their two sons, Tyler and Tristan. Her hobbies include baking, camping, attending garage sales, and spending time with her family and friends. This is her first book.

For more information, visit http://OutskirtsPress.com/Angelique

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